Woman who fired Russian boy must pay child support


Highlights of history

  • Tennessee family adopted Russian boy
  • They returned it in 2010, putting it on a plane
  • The mother claimed he was mentally unstable
  • Judge ruled she should pay $ 150,000 in child support

The American who sent her adopted son back to Russia must pay $ 150,000 in child support, a Tennessee judge reiterated on Friday.

Torry Hansen’s attorney Ed Yarbrough told CNN he would file a petition in a few weeks asking the court to vary or terminate child support, which was first ordered earlier this year.

The United States and Russia signed an agreement last year to strengthen procedural safeguards for adoptions following the 2010 incident.

Grandmother: adopted boy sent back to Russia was violent

Artyem Saveliev, adopted from a Russian orphanage, was transferred to a plane to Moscow. The Shelbyville, Tennessee family claimed they feared for their safety after a series of violent episodes in the boy, then 7.

An investigation was opened after the child unexpectedly presented himself to the Russian Ministry of Child Welfare with a letter from his adoptive mother asking Russian authorities to cancel the adoption.

In the letter, Hansen said the boy was “mentally unstable” and said she had been misled about his mental state.

The World Association for Children and Parents coordinated the adoption. A lawsuit has been filed against Hansen for breach of contract and child support.

In May, the association said that Artyem was still a U.S. citizen and that under Tennessee law Hansen was legally considered his mother.

The child lived in a group care center outside Moscow.

According to WKRN, a CNN Nashville affiliate, Hansen said Friday in Lewisburg, Tennessee, that the boy wanted to kill her.

But Larry Crain, the adoption agency’s lawyer, said the boy was not violent.

Adoption agreement between the United States and Russia concluded


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