Woman loses 28,000 shillings child support offer from ex-husband


Child support agreement on an office table [Courtesy]

A woman lost an offer to get Sh 28,000 per month from her ex-husband as alimony for her and her child.

The High Court said that the fact that she was not engaged in a gainful occupation did not place any responsibility on the man to care for her and the child.

Judge Florence Nyaguthii Muchemi, who found the amount requested by JWM to be “unreasonable”, also ruled that she was also obliged to share the responsibility of meeting the child’s needs.

She also noted that the man had another family.

The judge said the woman must be serious about fulfilling her obligation as a parent with shared responsibility, adding that she would not remain unemployed if she made an effort to be self-employed on a minimum basis. which would provide him with an income.

“Small starts turn into big things. The appellant should be seen as making efforts to contribute to the upkeep of the child as required by law. She cannot depend entirely on the Respondent whose income is also limited given her other responsibilities as has been demonstrated, ”she said.

JMW, on behalf of the minor, sued CKK, who earns 100,000 shillings a month, in a Nyeri resident court of first instance, demanding custody of the minor and money for alimony.

On August 27, 2018, the court granted him real, legal and physical custody of the minor, but granted the man access and visitation rights acceptable to both parties.

He was also required to register the minor for his employer’s medical coverage and to bear the costs of tuition and related expenses when the minor began to attend school.

In addition, the woman had to cover the bills for housing and utilities. Both parents had to pay Sh 6,000 each for the minor’s food and clothing each month.

Damaged by the decision, she appealed. But Lady Justice Muchemi said the trial judge reviewed all of the documents presented to her.


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