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I have a ” dirty name “, can I make a personal loan or take personal credit? Of all the people who pass through the “loan portal”, more than 45% have problems with the name, a good part have debts and are looking for a special type of loan. This special loan can not be consulted by the SPC or Serasa.

The big question is, make a personal loan for someone with the dirty name, does it exist? Of course yes! However this form of credit for ordinary individuals offers very high interest rates, the lender increases interest to offset the high risk of the transaction.

How to make a personal loan with a dirty name

People with a dirty name are prevented from having approved loans, simply because the banking system itself has analytical restrictions when it finds in the CPF of the applicant some type of registration with credit protection agencies. The system also checks and evaluates credit history through credit reports provided by specialized databases.

In the Brazilian market, the CCF, SPC Brasil, Serasa Experian, Boa Vista Serviços (SCPC – Consultations of CNPJ and Consultation of Credit), Equifax (2nd largest Credit Bureau of Brazil) and Notaries are the main means of information used for whether or not to grant loans. Lenders will always look at your credit report and in some cases your credit score as well.

It is worth remembering that this information is not public, only institutions have access to it. Confidential information like how long you live in your home, how many times you have consulted your name, which creditors have declined your credit etc, some companies provide data that you yourself have forgotten, your current creditors, your debts, any delays, late payments , legal information, and even your current employer.

But we are not talking about credit report, what matters is to know if even being negative and owing in the square it is possible to make personal loan with restriction on the name. If you are an ordinary citizen, you work for a company that does not have an agreement with banks, it is dirty and due to banking institutions, it can be almost impossible to get credit under these conditions.

Now, if you are a “civil servant”, a “private company worker” with an agreement with banks and financial institutions, he is “retired or an INSS pensioner”, he may have a dirty name that does not have a problem, In addition to not consulting Serasa and SPC, the discount of the installments is direct in payment and still offers the best interest rates for individuals.

For retirees and pensioners with a dirty name

For retirees and pensioners with a dirty name

Loans created for retirees and pensioners in general offer excellent financing conditions even for people with dirty name, in payroll deductible loans the discount of the installments is done directly in payroll, in this way reduces the risk of default.

In general, this form of consigned loan offers easier credit release, longer terms, and lower interest rates.

For public employees with dirty name


In virtually all classes of public servants you have quick and easy access to credit when you want to take out a personal or payroll loan, usually with the dirty name or not.

The payroll loan for governments, states and municipalities, in these cases, banks offer both for federal, state and municipal servants. The credit is contracted with monthly payment with the installments directly discounted from the pay stub or payroll. Interest rates are fixed from the beginning to the end of the loan.

Employee of private companies with dirty name

Employee of private companies with dirty name

Employees of private companies agreed with banks and financial institutions also have access to payroll loans even though they are under the dirty name and restriction on Serasa and SPC. The modality works in the same way as those granted to servers and beneficiaries of the INSS, however, the company must be contracted with one or more credit institutions.

In this type of payroll loan, the installments are discounted on the payroll of the registered worker, the terms go up to 60 months and the interest rates are better than personal bank credit. To make the hiring and having the release of credit just log into the lender’s system or look for the HR of the company.

Loan with check with dirty name

Loan with check with dirty name

Although in disuse, a check loan is still a way to borrow money and trade credit using the bank’s checkbooks giving them as payment guarantee. The check sheets are pre-dated and clear the debt at the proposed date.

In this type of loan the money released can be used by the customer in any way you want, in addition it is a credit option for those who have exhausted other forms of request. Normally there is no bureaucracy, the total amount of the credit released can be repaid up to 24 times or more, according to the creditor.

If you are restricted by the CPF and need a dirty-named loan, the Brazilian credit market is full of borrowing modalities with facilities and advantages, and many of them do not even consult the CPF with Serasa and SPC by name in search of non-payment records.


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