Who is Amanda Cronin’s ex-husband, Mark Daeche?


MILLIONAIRE Amanda Cronin is known to be one of the richest women in the UK.

We take a look at who her ex-husband Mark Daeche is and what caused their marriage to end in a costly split.


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Who is Amanda Cronin’s ex-husband, Mark Daeche?

Mark Daeche, 58, was the second husband of millionaire model and influencer Amanda Cronin.

Mark is co-founder of First Utility and he is a multi-company entrepreneur who has started and operated a host of businesses, in particular First Telecom.

It was there that he served as vice president before the company was acquired from Atlantic Telecom in 2000.

His technological journey began with his paintings as a device engineer.

He then became president of Fox Software in the United States, which later merged with Microsoft in 1992.

Mark has an estimated net worth of $50 million.

Amanda and Marks' relationship ended in divorce in 2019, with Mark paying a settlement fee.


Amanda and Marks’ relationship ended in divorce in 2019, with Mark paying a settlement fee.Credit: Getty

When did Amanda Cronin and Mark Daeche divorce?

The pair met while Amanda was attending a dinner party at Nobu in London.

Mark claimed it was “love at first sight” when the pair met eyes.

He was living at the Metropolitan Hotel at the time and had dinner with a business partner the night they met.

After a year of getting to know each other, they got engaged and Mark gave her a 40-carat sapphire ring worth £250,000.

The couple married in Morocco in 2013.

They would divide their time between London, Monaco, France and Geneva.

After an increasingly long separation, in May 2017, Amanda filed for divorce.

Speaking about their post-divorce relationship, Amanda said: “We were very happy for a long time, but then he seemed to get caught up in his job,

“He was very stressed and despite my best efforts I couldn’t reach him. For 18 months I felt like he was mean to me at breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

Even though the actual amount of their divorce settlement is not disclosed to the public, sources say Mark paid her more than enough to live a lavish life without needing to work.

How many children does Amanda Cronin have?

Amanda had a daughter with ex-husband Mark in 1996.

Sofia Alexandra Yeganeh, now 26, is currently an intern at Gagosian in New York.

During her early years, she attended Hill House International Queensgate School for Girls before moving on to Parsons School in Manhattan.


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