What does Adele want John Mayer to do?


John Mayer has maintained relationships with stars including Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, and Minka Kelly. Adele sat down to talk about her upcoming album with John Mayer. “30” It was a surprise to fans when he asked for relationship advice.

“Adele, should I get married,” Mayer asked in an interview with SiriusXM. Mayer immediately managed to overcome her divorce from Simon Konecki, despite it being her fourth studio album. “Oh yes, you should get married. Yeah, I think it’s a really amazing thing, marriage. The artist admitted her advice was strange because she had never heard it before. “Abandoned” This has been done once before. According to a Daily Mail report, Konecki and the singer married in 2018, and Konecki filed for divorce less than a year later. Sixth page. Adele, speaking to OprahWinfrey, revealed that she was “embarrassed” to have divorced so quickly. ” From the youngest age [I] I promised myself that when I had kids we would stick together, and I tried for a long, long time, ”Too Fabulous said.

The artist told Mayer that she was open to the possibility of a second marriage. “I think you should,” the star continued to shine. “I can’t really say why, but I’m definitely open to marriage again. I sure am, and the feeling I had of being married was the surest feeling I have ever had in my life, and unfortunately it didn’t work out, but I miss marriage.


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