Wendy Williams placed under financial guardianship


After decades of reporting Hot topicsmedia enthusiast wendy williams has now become one.

Because, after having made the headlines before the end of his daytime talk showthe subsequent fallout ensured that the star remained a staple of the news cycle.

The latest drama revolves around his finances and the situation has taken a shocking turn.

Full story below…

According to THRWilliams – who has publicly lamented the lack of access to her finances – has been placed in financial conservatorship.

The development took place by way of an order issued by a New York judge.

This means a financial tutor will oversee Williams’ finances until July. According to the report, a temporary guardian had been in place since March, when the judge agreed with his bank that it was necessary while the legal wrangle was ironed out.

So how did the situation escalate?

Williams’ lawyer La’Shawn Thomas claims the former shock jock asked for his bank statements after suspecting misconduct by his financial adviser and sought to switch banks. To whom demanded the declarations she demanded.

According to the report, his bank denied the request and filed a petition for conservatorship stating that Williams is a “unfit person” who is “victim of undue influence and financial exploitation”.

Speaking on this, Thomas said:

“Wendy disagrees with the appointment of a financial guardian. If it’s the court’s intention to appoint one over her long-term cases, she’s definitely not going to accept it.

Williams’ legal team further claims that the bank that denied her access saw her risk failing to pay her bills and cause financial disputes. Williams has also publicly stated that she believes an adviser at the bank was lying about her state of mental instability in order to prevent her from accessing her own money.

The news comes after the 57-year-old shared an Instagram video alleging her former manager was trying to set up a guardian over her.

He’s also coming on the heels of Williams claiming she’s ready for a comeback and the reports of a podcast deal worth a possible $100 million.


Suffice it to say, it’s all sorts of a tangled situation. Time will tell how it all unfolds.


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