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After the Daytime Emmy-nominated talk show host, wendy williamsAlleging misconduct by her financial adviser Wells Fargo after she was placed in financial conservatorship, a New York judge ruled she could access her funds under supervision.

According Atlanta Dark Staron Thursday, May 19, the judge said the financial guardian would help Williams manage his accounts.

In case you missed it, Williams decided she wanted to change banks and needed to provide her most recent bank statements, Wells Fargo refused to comply with the request and claimed Williams as an “incapable person” in an application for guardianship, The Hollywood Reporter Remarks.

The bank is quoted that the 57-year-old is the “victim of undue influence and financial abuse”.

Williams’ attorney, La’Shawn Thomasshared with THR that a New York judge has appointed a guardian over his client’s finances until July 2021.

“Please note that Wendy does not agree with the appointment of a financial guardian by the court,” Williams’ attorney LaShawn Thomas said Friday, May 20. Atlanta Black Star writing. “Wendy has been very clear that she doesn’t want a financial guardian telling her what she can and can’t do with her money.”

A temporary guardian was first issued in March when the judge and Wells Fargo agreed it was necessary to have one during the current case.

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“Wendy disagrees with the appointment of a financial guardian,” said Thomas THR. “If it’s the court’s intention to appoint one over her long-term cases, she’s definitely not going to accept it.”

An affidavit issued to the New York Supreme Court says Williams believes Wells Fargo insufficiently denied her access to its funds, which ultimately caused her to default or risk default on multiple bills. A Wells Fargo financial adviser was also accused of making false accusations that Williams was mentally unstable as a basis for preventing him from accessing his accounts.

“Due to its improper conduct with respect to my accounts, Wells Fargo continues to deny me access to my financial assets and statements,” the affidavit states.

In other news from Wendy Williams, the production company, Debmar-Mercurywho is behind his daytime talk show The Wendy Williams Show, says “How are you?!” the show will not be returning in fall 2022 and will instead be replaced by View new show from Sherri Shepherd.

“Where will she go? It is done. Logistically, it won’t work. Sherri has her slots,” according to page 6.


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