Wendy Williams is ‘unfit’ and needs conservatorship, her bank says (report)


Other reports continue to come out regarding the health of wendy williams.

The 57 year old man Wendy Williams show the host is said to be “unfit” and requires conservatorship for his finances, via Page Six.

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Wells Fargo sent a letter to the New York County Supreme Court judge Arlene Bluth request a hearing to determine whether Wendy needs a professional to help him with his business.

“We are concerned about [Williams’] situation,” wrote the lawyer David H. Pikus in the name of the bank in court documents, through the point of sale.

“We hope that the guardianship party [of the court] will shortly appoint a temporary tutor or assessor to review the situation and ensure that [Williams’] business is well managed. »

His lawyers filed an emergency motion a week ago claiming that Wells Fargo had “for more than two weeks” denied him access to his “accounts, assets and financial records” after his former financial adviser, Lori Schilleralleged that Wendy was “sick of spirit”.

David H. Pikus writes in another letter that the bank “has good reason to believe” that Wendy is “a victim of undue influence and financial abuse”.

His lawyer Celeste McCaw wrote in response that Wendy “denies that he was a victim of undue influence and financial abuse,” seeking a temporary restraining order against Wells Fargo to prevent the bank “from freezing [Williams’] accounts and interfere with his right to access his financial assets and account statements”.

There are also more details regarding the status of his show.


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