Wendy Williams is said to be ‘unfit’ and needs ‘guardianship’


Wendy Williams’ The bank thinks she’s in such a bad place, calling her an ‘incapable person’ who needs personal ‘tutorship’ to oversee her finances.

According to new legal documents, Wells Fargo has sent a letter to a New York County judge requesting a hearing to determine if William needs someone to legally handle his financial affairs. As you know, Wendy has been battling medical issues for the past few months and has been absent from her daytime television show.

In the letter, a lawyer for the bank says: “We are concerned about [Wendys’] situation, we hope that the guardianship party [of the courts] immediately appoint a temporary guardian or assessor to review the situation and ensure that [Wendys’] business is well managed. »

Wendy Williams is accused of being ‘insane’ and financially ‘exploited’


Details of the “incapacitation” aren’t included in recent reports, but it looks like part of the case could be kept private and sealed. The attorney asked to keep the entire proceeding “under seal” to “preserve the confidential nature” of Williams’ personal and medical affairs.

Earlier in the week, Wendy’s former financial adviser, Lori Schiller, reportedly claimed “The Wendy Williams Show” the host was “sick of spirit”. Additionally, Wells Fargo’s attorney claims that Lori had “recently witnessed signs of exploitation, including [Wendys’] own apprehensions expressed” about the people in his life. He added, “other independent third parties who know [Wendys] well…share those concerns.

Adding, in a separate letter, that the bank has “good reason to believe” that Wendy is “a victim of undue influence and financial exploitation”.

Wendy Williams denies being a victim and demands access to her bank accounts

Wendy Williams' bank thinks she's 'unfit' and needs 'wardship'

The talk show host’s attorney filed an emergency motion last Friday, saying Wells Fargo had “for more than two weeks” denied her access to her own “accounts, assets and financial records” at following the allegations of his financial adviser. In a response to the letter, Wendy’s legal team says she “denies being a victim of undue influence and financial abuse.”

Additionally, Wendy’s team demands that Wells Fargo be prevented from “freezing her accounts and interfering with her right to access her financial assets and records.”

“I have submitted several written requests to Wells Fargo and have visited various Wells Fargo branches in the South Florida area in an effort to resolve this matter outside of the courtroom. I have defaulted and may default on several billing and financial obligations, including but not limited to mortgage payments and employee payroll,” Wendy wrote.

The legal battle over Wendy Williams’ mental capacity rages on…

Wendy Williams' bank thinks she's 'unfit' and needs 'wardship'

Again, it’s unclear what financial transactions or people are behind the transactions, which worries Wendy’s former financial adviser who made the accusations. What is clear is that the artist has several million dollars in the accounts and wants access to the money.

As we reported, Wendy is currently struggling with a host of issues, including Graves’ disease. The talk show host was reportedly taken from her home for a physical evaluation after someone called authorities from her New York apartment.

The shocking news follows an announcement that Sherri Berger is tapped to be a long-term host of the talk show in the future.

Sherri Shepherd takes over as host of ‘The Wendy Williams Show’

Wendy Williams' bank thinks she's 'unfit' and needs 'wardship'

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