Texas police chief who faked marriage annulment is arrested




A Texas police chief who was unmasked by a relative as “living a double / triple life” was arrested by Texas Rangers on Thursday.

Shortly after Jason Collier’s arrest, he resigned as police chief of Stinnett, a town in the Texas enclave 60 miles north of Amarillo. The Town of Stinnett has said his resignation is effective immediately.

The events stem from a now-viral article by Cecily Steinmetz, who says she was one of Collier’s girlfriends. She said Collier presented her and his other girlfriend with false cancellation documents to convince them he was no longer married.

“He lied to us, our children and asked both of us to marry him,” Steinmetz wrote in a message to the town of Stinnett. “He’s a poor representative of your town.”

Steinmetz posted the alleged cancellation documents on Facebook. She said Collier sent her the documents when she found out he was married.

The documents published by Steinmetz do not correspond to any actual cancellation form used by the local court, according to KAMR. Judge Doug Woodburn, who presides over the 108th district court where the form was allegedly filed, told the outlet that the document was “a forgery”.

The forged marriage annulment form has led to a criminal charge of falsifying government documents, according to KVII.

Thousands of people have joined a “Victims of Jason Collier” Facebook group. Many other women have also come forward to say they have a relationship with Collier.

Collier was appointed Stinnett’s police chief in February 2020, according to KDFA. Collier had over 21 years of law enforcement experience and was also an ordained minister, the publication said last year.

“I just hope he has learned his lesson, so as not to fool people like that,” Steinmetz told KAMR. “I was also likely to believe him on everything because of his position. I mean, I think he would be a very honest, very honest person. And that’s how he presented himself. And I just hope that doesn’t happen to other women in the future.

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