‘Teen Mom’ star claims her ex pays just $ 11 in child support



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Kayla Sessler of “Teen Mom” claims her ex-boyfriend pays just $ 11 in child support each month for their three-year-old son.

September 7 one of the show’s viewers tweeted to Sessler, “Stephan could at least have put his $ 42 child support in the damn card.”

Sessler replied to the tweet, “It’s only $ 11 now,” to which someone wrote: “What good is the courts even ordering these amounts?” ! The courts don’t hold him responsible by ordering him a reasonable amount and ordering him to find a job! “

Here’s what you need to know:

Sessler has already filed a complaint against Alexander

According to court documents obtained by The Sun, Sessler’s ex-boyfriend Stephan Alexander was ordered to pay “temporary child support in the amount of $ 124 per month” in March 2018.

The Sun then reported that this amount was lowered to $ 40 in April 2018.

The outlet added that Kayla and Stephan reported their monthly income to be $ 751 and “because neither party has health insurance available through an employer, Izaiah is covered by” health insurance. public “.”

This is not the first time Sessler has pointed out that his ex pays only a minimal amount of child support, according to a previous Sun article.

In January, the “Teen Mom” ​​star posted a photo to an Instagram story that showed a check for $ 11.07. Sessler wrote: “I just got my child support check in the mail, and how much is it for” in the since deleted Instagram story.

She added, “This is no joke. This is real life.”

Reddit users slam Alexander

Reddit users have posted the tweet and criticized Alexander for not providing more support.

Someone using the username agent-lana-kane wrote, “What is ****** tramp. I bet he doesn’t even pay the $ 11.

Another supported these sentiments, writing, “It must be a joke. Wtf is a mom supposed to do with ELEVEN DOLLARS ?! ”

A third wrote: “There are a lot of reasons why I divorced my daughter’s father, but one thing I will always say is that he does everything for her and even contacts me for her. make sure I don’t need more. There were a lot of hurt feelings when I left, but he never stopped making sure I had enough as a new single mom. Seeing baby dads like Stephan makes me so grateful.

In August of this year, fans may recall Sessler voicing his frustrations with Alexander.

According to the cheat sheet, Sessler was asked on Instagram by a fan if his son and Isaiah were in touch. She replied, “Do you remember the scene last season where I took Izaiah to the park to meet Stephan?” Yes, that was the last time. I was still pregnant with Ariah and Zay was just one.

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As the outlet pointed out, Sessler doesn’t refer to Alexander as Isaiah’s father. Cheat Sheet writes that Sessler “says her boyfriend and the father of her second child, Luke, is Isaiah’s father.”

“Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant” airs Tuesday nights on MTV.


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