Special Guardianship Orders Financial Policy Consultation


There are a number of reasons why some children cannot live with their biological parent(s). At such times, arrangements should be made for the children to be cared for by others. Some children may live with other family members, with foster parents, adoptive parents or in nursing homes.

It is a priority for children to receive a permanent home when it is not safe for them to return to the care of their parents. A Special Guardianship Order (SGO) is a court order that appoints one or more specific people to become the guardian of a child until he or she turns 18.

An SGO offers greater security than long-term placement but does not involve the absolute legal separation from biological family that results from an adoption order.

About this consultation

This consultation asks you questions about the financial policy of special guardianship orders. It asks if you think the information is clear, if any information is missing, and if you have any other comments. Headings include:

  • financial support for future tutors
  • overview of the financial evaluation process
  • required documents
  • apply resource testing
  • additional allowance
  • special responsibilities of guardian(s)
  • exam
  • stop payments

You may read the Special Guardianship Policy and Special Guardianship Orders Financial Policy in their entirety before completing the survey.

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