Special Adoption and Guardianship Lawyers



Our adoption advisers specialize in adoptions in England and Wales as well as international destinations.

If you are considering adopting from abroad, removing a child for adoption is a criminal offence. You should always consult a lawyer before taking a child out of the country or bringing him into the country with a view to adopting him later.

Adoption is the assumption of full legal and parental responsibility for a child. If an adoption order is made, all ties with the biological family are severed and transferred to the adoptive family. Therefore, adoption may not always be the answer, but our team can be creative and consider stepparent parenting orders or special guardianship orders that may be appropriate for your situation.

Special guardianship orders

If a child is unable to live with either parent but adoption is not considered appropriate, a special guardianship order may be the best option to ensure the child’s well-being. This gives a selected third party parental responsibility and allows them to make important decisions for the child without taking away any of the parents’ rights.

If you’re taking care of a child and need help or advice getting a special guardianship order, book a free 30 minute consultation with us at one of our offices in Southampton, Poole, Bournemouth , Salisbury, Winchester and London (by appointment only).

Check out our adoption FAQs or contact our legal team for further advice and assistance.


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