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When experiencing a lot of outstanding debt, a debtor can actually find a way to apply for credit card payment relief. This is useful so that the debt can be repaid quickly, ease the burden in paying off arrears, and of course can improve your credit score in the Bank Indonesia Historical IDI.

Here’s how to apply for credit card payment relief:


Recalculate How Many Nominal Debts Are Still In arrears


 Recalculate How Many Nominal Debts Are Still In arrears


Before starting to look for ways to apply for credit card payment relief, it’s good if you know in advance how much total debt remains to be settled. When the counting process takes place it is not uncommon to make a headache and have an impact on the mental stress, because you will know firsthand what the remaining obligations must be paid. However, this process must be known, because the longer you try to avoid the total debt that is known, the longer you will find a solution to pay off the debts.

Record one by one arrears that you still have, collect bills that have indeed been sent to your address. In addition, note also the amount of interest that must be paid. Interest rates are important to know so that you know how much of a particular type of debt if it is constantly in arrears and not paid regularly. This is also useful for making you prioritize certain types of debt, so that it is resolved faster.


Using a Professional Debt Consultant Service


 Using a Professional Debt Consultant Service


The most effective way to apply for credit card payment relief is to use the services of an experienced consultant. Why use consultant services? First, you can get better advice from experienced parties. Usually the consultant knows exactly what steps must be taken so that debt settlement is carried out faster. Inform the total nominal debt that you have calculated before, along with the interest that must be paid. By getting this information, a professional debt consultant can immediately calculate how much money you have to start to save per month in order to be free from debt problems.

Secondly, professional debt consultants usually have good relations with the bank. This can be used as a shortcut in submitting credit card payment relief to the bank. Usually with this good relationship, the consultant can help play the role of a third party and negotiate with the bank. Of course to get the best lightness, you also have to be honest with the consultant. Tell us about your financial background, and also mention the various bills that are still required to be paid regularly, which burden you in paying off debt. For example, if you currently still have to finance parents who are hospitalized, talk openly to your consultant. This can be used as a powerful combat tool, especially if accompanied by payment attachments.

Third, a professional debt consultant can represent you to the bank so that you can focus more on collecting funds in paying off the remaining debt. This will certainly be more beneficial for those of you who have a few debts that must be completed. Consultants can represent you and bridge your problem with bank details, meetings like this usually take place on working days and hours (if needed). That is, you can use these times to focus more on finding funds and paying off debts that are still unresolved. Not to mention, you can use the rest of the time at night to work on the side from home or elsewhere. So, you can collect funds faster and pay off debt.


3 Types of Relief Programs You Can Get


 3 Types of Relief Programs You Can Get


After learning that one way to apply for credit card payment relief is through consulting services, then you also need to know some types of relief programs that you can use:

One-time discount / discount

This type of relief program allows customers to reduce their total debt to smaller amounts. As the name implies, even though the customer gets a discount in his debt (generally 20-50%), they must pay directly in one payment. In some cases, this one relief program can give cardholders a discount of up to 70%.

Extended Installments with Low Interest

Unlike the discount program in one pay, this one program is suitable for those of you who are financially less. In short, customers who have credit card arrears or KTA arrears can extend their installment tenure to be lighter, the interest earned is lower than the prevailing interest rate in general. If the normal interest currently running is in the range of 2.25%, then it is possible to get interest of only 0-2%.

Installment Discounts

Another program with this one, this type of program is a combination of the two types of programs above, namely customers get a discount and the remaining payments can be made in installments. The bank will also see the conditions experienced by the customer first. If the customer has supporting conditions that make it more difficult to pay off the debt, then it is likely that they can get this program (provided that the bank in question has the program).

The three programs above certainly can help you to be free from debt faster. To get these programs, you can directly contact the more experienced parties such as consultants. One of the professional debt consulting services you can use is Lorna Doone.

Lorna Doone international is the first technology-based professional services company in Indonesia, which provides a debt management program. This program is designed so that consumers who are in debt, have the ability to control their finances again. Lorna Doone Indonesia helps clients through a debt management program, specifically designed to suit different needs for each client. This program is a combination of education on various opportunities to increase income and reduce expenditure, as well as conduct negotiation processes on existing bank debt requirements to reach the amount of payment that is in accordance with the ability. Lorna Doone Indonesia’s head office was established in Jakarta in 2015 by a founding team that has collective experience in finance including debt settlement for more than two decades. Lorna Doone makes Indonesia the center of operations as well as a blueprint for the company’s development plan to other ASEAN countries. Since July 2016, Lorna Doone Indonesia has become the first company in Asia to be accredited by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA).

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