Sasha accepts guardianship, Brando attacked, Carly Plane Turbulence


General Hospital recap for Tuesday, September 13, 2022. In today’s GH episode, Sonny threatens Nikolas, Jordan covers for Stella, and Liz reconsiders her cleanliness.

We also have Monday’s GH recap where Stella confessed to Jordan that she stole her divorce papers and is still married to Curtis, and Liz wanted to tell the cops the truth.

In Jordan’s office, Curtis tells him and Stella that it makes no sense that their divorce papers haven’t been filed. He thinks it is impossible that they are still married.


“Nothing is impossible,” says Stella. He is confused. If any of them have a theory, they’d love to hear it. Her aunt says no one is perfect. He thinks there is more happening.

Suddenly, Jordan pretends it’s his fault. She says she didn’t fill out the paperwork. He suggests they research and file them now. Stella looks worried.

Jordan has no idea where the papers are. He complains that it was irresponsible. Jordan apologizes for complicating things. Curtis says they’ll re-file and leaves to call his attorney.

Stella asks her why she did that. Jordan is surprised by what she has done. She volunteered to take the blame. She’ll sign the papers and everything will be fine.

jodan stella talk secret gh

Stella tells him that she will always be part of the family and that she is a wonderful person. They would both like to stay in each other’s lives. They discuss his genealogy test. “You never know what you’re going to find,” Stella told him.

When Jordan is alone, she calls the ancestry database and asks how a match could go missing. He was told that would only happen if someone took his identity down.

Coming out of the pool, Drew calls Marshall. He apologizes for trapping him for this fake job interview.

draw apologizes marshall GH

Marshall realized he was just trying to be a good friend to his son. If he had been honest with him from the start, this wouldn’t have happened. They tremble on it.

He appreciates that he’s there for Curtis when he couldn’t be. They sit down for a snack and talk about relationships until Marshall realizes he’s almost late for his date.


At General Hospital, Finn asks Liz why she changed her mind about telling the police about her wasted time. She admits she wonders why Nikolas jumped in so quickly to give him an alibi unless it was to protect him.


The nurse cannot imagine that Nikolas tried to kill his wife. Finn points out that there were a lot of witnesses to the event and if they come forward, they could complicate things.

She points out that going to the police now will only make her and the prince suspicious…but Ava should know that.

Ava wakes up in her bed. Portia comes in and checks her blood pressure. Ava is distracted by her giant ring and congratulates her.

ava warns portia nikolas GH

They talk about Nikolas and his alibi. Ava wonders if Liz lied to the cops to cover it up.

Portia doesn’t think the nurse would lie, but Ava suggests her husband might be manipulating her. He is capable of very bad behavior.

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Through the elevators, Sonny bumps into Nikolas. He tells the Cassadine that he has no business there and threatens him. If he gets any evidence that he had something to do with it, even Victor won’t be able to help him.

sonny warns nik gh

After Sonny leaves, Nikolas makes a call.

He and one of his men go to Ava’s room. The bodyguard and Portia bar his entrance. Curtis joins them and tells him to back off.

After the prince leaves, the doctor checks Ava.

When she returns to Curtis, he informs her that the divorce papers were never filed. He assures her that the papers have been sent. She senses that something else is happening.

Curtis admits Jordan’s story doesn’t add up and it reminds her of how she dragged her feet on it. He thinks it might have been intentional.

Meanwhile, Liz and Finn go to see Ava. The nurse tells her that she cannot guarantee that Nikolas was with her when she was attacked. His whereabouts cannot be fully explained.

ava learns nik's time doesn't count for GH

She asks for some time to understand the facts before talking to the police. Ava asks them to send her bodyguard on their way out. She tells him that she needs him to do something.

The guard brings Nikolas to his room.

In a meeting room, Sasha and Brando listen to their attorney explain what conservatorship will mean for her. Only Brando has the right to end it. Brando tells her it’s her choice. She still has options.

sasha brando dating gh

Sasha is holding the papers and her hands are shaking. Her husband repeats that they can cancel this and find another way if she wants. Gladys tells him it’s not permanent and Brando promises he won’t let another day pass than necessary.

brando promises sasha gh

She signs the papers.

Joss meets Carly at Charlie’s. They talk about his next trip. Carly knows her daughter has a lot of distractions too.

joss carly talk travel gh

Dex walks in and smiles at Joss. His mother wonders if she wants to talk to him. Joss goes back to saving Ava’s life with him, but says it’s okay and they don’t need to talk.

They go back to discussing Carly’s trip. She looks for excuses not to go but her daughter tells her to stop procrastinating and focus on herself.

carly life on GH track

Carly admits that she really wants to go to this seminar and get her life back on track. She flashes back to kissing Drew, then hands Joss some money and leaves.

On the way out, Carly bumps into Sonny. They discuss his departure and he wishes her good luck.

When Sonny walks in, he chats with Dex until he spots Brando, Sasha, and Gladys arriving. Gladys leaves to order food and Sasha goes to the bathroom. Brando explains to Sonny that Sasha had to accept guardianship to avoid jail.


Sonny assures her that he will do the right thing with her and gives her a hug.

sonny brando hug gh

When Brando sits down with his mother, he tells her he needs to make sure Sasha knows she has the strength to get through this. Gladys admires the man he has become, despite the way she raised him. She is so grateful that he let her back into his life.

He is proud of her too. The past is the past and he appreciates its intensification.

Sonny meets Sasha as she comes out of the bathroom. He asks how she feels. She loves Brando and trusts him but feels like an intruder in her life.

He can understand that and tells her to be strong. Brando came late in his life. He is part of the family and that makes his family. If she ever needs anything, he will be there for her.

sasha grateful sonny gh

As they exit, Joss tells Dex that there is something they need to clear up. She thanks him again for helping her find Avery’s bracelet. She considered it hard and feels bad about it.

Joss asks Dex to shut up GH

Joss still thinks it’s stupid to work for Sonny. He destroys people and she doesn’t want him to be one of those people.

She admits she hasn’t told anyone, including her boyfriend, that he is helping her and that she would like them to keep quiet.

After he leaves, she walks down the aisle. Brando comes out to take care of something and the person with the hook appears and attacks him.

brando hung GH

Carly is sitting on her flight. After twiddling her thumbs, she calls Ridge and gets her voicemail.

carly on flight GH

Back in Port Charles, he gets her call and calls back, leaving a message that he’ll be there as soon as she can talk.

During the flight, Carly checks her phone when the plane begins to shake.


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