Rob Kardashian and Tyga Hit Instagram About Blac Chyna’s Child Support Claims


Rob Kardashian and Tyga are apparently pushing back against Blac Chyna’s claims that she isn’t getting child support. Chyna made statements on Twitter, writing, “Yesterday I had to give up 3 of my cars…my reasons…morals, beliefs, being a single mom, no support, I’m a MAMA. ” She then added: “Unmarried child support without child support”.

The comments were captured by @TheShadeRoom on Instagram, and apparently Tyga and Rob, who both share a child with Chyna, took notice.

“I pay $37,000 a year for my daughter’s school,” Rob wrote in the comments. “I take care of all the medical expenses. I pay for all his extracurricular activities. I have my daughter from Tuesday to Saturday. Why should I pay child support lol.

Meanwhile, Tyga replied, “I pay $40,000 a year for my son’s school and he lives with me Monday through Saturday. Why should I pay child support lol. He also added, “@robkardashianofficial how you pay $3,000 less. Let me know the catch, 🤣” in another shadow room Publish.

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While Rob and Chyna haven’t exactly hit it off over the years (to put it mildly), Chyna said We Weekly in 2019, she has a great co-parenting vibe with him and Tyga. “I’m really grateful to my fathers and so on. They give me that break so I can rejuvenate myself as a woman and refocus,” she said. “Or if I have to do something, it just gives me that leeway. So that’s, I think, the key.

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