Results of the week: exemption from guardianship Britney Spears, Anna Trincher marries


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Last week, it became known that American singer Britney Spears had officially gone “free” – her father James is no longer guardian. Plus, singer Anna Trincher stunned everyone when she heard she was going down the aisle soon, and Paris Hilton was in the news as her new husband was hiding her 9-year-old daughter. Read this and other news below.

Britney Spears is free

The 39-year-old singer can for the first time in 13 years breathe “deeply” because her father, James Spears, is no longer allowed to opt. The last hearing in the case took place on November 12, where the court decided to remove the star’s father from custody. It all happened thanks to the incredible help of the fans who supported the FreeBritney movement.

Over the past year, fans have launched a flash mob on the network in support of the artist, and even the singer’s colleagues have joined in. One of the first major meetings was in June 2021, when Britney personally appeared in court and said her father had banned her from giving birth, getting married, using cash, driving driving and drinking alcohol. He also supervised his creative work and his financial accounts.

As the campaign against Britney’s father’s guardianship unfolded, her “sclerotic” lawyer left the artist, another came who helped the artist achieve “liberation.” And also his manager left Spears. Already in August, we learned that James Spears himself, for the first time in 13 years, refused custody of his daughter. Hearings have continued in recent months until Britney celebrates her victory. After the trial, a few days later, for the first time in 13 years, she was able to drink champagne and use an unattended car. She has also announced that she wants to give birth to another child from her beloved Sam Asgari, to whom she recently announced her engagement.

Anna Trincher is getting married

Singer Anna Trincher, 20, unexpectedly announced that she had received a marriage offer from her boyfriend, outrageous blogger Alexander Voloshin. The guy is known for his iPhone pranks and confrontation with the police. However, on October 22, he decided to radically change his life – the blogger held an incredible recognition ceremony for Anna in Kiev. He invited all his friends, his mother and the bikers to give Anna a bouquet of roses and a Cartier ring in their presence.

For almost a month, Anna Trincher kept this moment a secret and it was not until November 18 that she announced to the whole country that she would be preparing for the wedding very soon. The couple admitted that they did not want an “English” vacation, but wanted “more krinzh”. Interestingly, Trincher was aware of the guy’s intentions, as not long before his grandmother had been chatting about everything. But Anna was still amazed at what her beloved had organized for her.

Anne Trincher received an offer: watch the video online

Paris Hilton has a stepdaughter

Just a week ago, outrageous secular lioness Paris Hilton celebrated a luxurious wedding with her chosen one Carter Reum. The marriage lasted three days in the luxurious villa of his grandfather. For the wedding, Paris prepared 10 wedding dresses, some of which were only chosen the day before the event. Judging by the photos, everything was perfect – from the first dance to the filling of the tables.

However, a “fly in the ointment” has always been found – a few days after the wedding, news broke in the media that businessman Carter Reum had a 9-year-old daughter, whom he did not have. seen only once in his life. The mother of the girl is Laura Bellizzi, the star of the reality show “Aspen’s Secrets”. Although the man does not see the girl, he supports her financially. But reporters suspected that Paris Hilton was unaware of the existence of Carter’s daughter, so this news could turn into a scandal in the family immediately after the wedding.

The people for whom this story is important had known it for 10 years. Carter supports this child. Although he does not have a traditional relationship with her, as between a father and a daughter, he provided for her from birth and will continue to do so,
– said a representative of the businessman.

It’s unclear how Hilton reacted to this turn of events, but she continues to post romantic photos with her husband online and write about how she likes it.

The wedding of Paris Hilton and Carter Reum / Photo from the Instagram of the bride

Elizabeth II – is fine

British Queen Elizabeth II is feeling better after almost a month of treatment. After canceling several visits to Northern Ireland, Glasgow and Memorial Day, she went to a personal meeting at Windsor Castle with General Sir Nick Carter. She didn’t have a cane with her and she looked great in a photo posted online. The next day the Queen had an online audience she was in a good mood in.

Note that in mid-October, Elizabeth II was hospitalized overnight, but the reasons were not specified in Buckingham. She subsequently canceled several visits, which raised concerns on the network. British Prime Minister Boris Jones has assured that all is well for the Queen. However, last week it became known that Her Majesty had taken her off and needed to take care of herself a little more.

    Results of the week: exemption from guardianship Britney Spears, Anna Trincher marries

Elizabeth II had an audience on November 17 / Photo Getty Images

Meghan Markle has a new interview

Along with the news of Elizabeth II, it became known that Meghan Markle took part in the episode “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”. This was the second big interview after an outrageous conversation with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021. If six months ago Megan and Prince Harry opened the curtain on royal family life, now Megan was talking about her children , from her book, and shared funny stories about her former acting career. The woman did not speak about life in Britain, so there was no reason for scandals.

Meghan and Prince Harry have declined the Queen’s invitation to spend the next Christmas in London with their family. The reason was the heavy workload of the Dukes of Sussex on the job in the United States. Experts were convinced the couple would still come to Sandringham and celebrate Christmas with everyone, since it will be Elizabeth II’s first vacation without her husband Prince Philip, who died this year. However, Harry and Megan with their children decided to stay in the United States, “overseas”.

Meghan Markle on The Ellen DeGeneres Show: watch the video online

Adele released the album “30”

British singer Adele released for the first time in 6 years a flagship album “30”, which includes 12 songs. For one of them – Easy on me – the artist released an amazing music video, and sang several other songs at a private concert in Los Angeles. The singer posted one of them online the day before the album’s release. And on November 19, fans got to hear Adele’s highly anticipated fourth album.

The woman dedicated the album “30” to her 9-year-old son Angelo. In the songs, she sang about the love for him, as well as the difficult times of motherhood. Adele also brought up the subject of divorce from her husband Simon Konecki and loneliness. In general, these compositions are worth listening to in order to understand all the pain and the difficult stage in the artist’s life.


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