PSI exam: candidates furious at the cancellation of results, organize a demonstration


Hundreds of young graduates who passed the police sub-inspector exam last year are crying foul after the state government overturned the results citing a scam.

More than 500 candidates staged a protest at Freedom Park on Saturday and later submitted a memorandum to Interior Minister Araga Jnanendra, lambasting the cancellation of the exam results.

The invitation to the written examination for the recruitment of 545 sub-inspectors was published on January 22, 2021. The examination was held on October 3, while the provisional list of winners was published on January 19 this year. . The next step was to submit the letters of appointment.

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The first sign of trouble came on February 7, 2022, when the Supplementary Police Director General (Recruitment) temporarily suspended the hiring process for “administrative” reasons. In April, a few successful candidates were arrested in Kalaburagi for rigging the exam, and the case was forwarded to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). The agency says some candidates who answered very few questions were later found to have attempted all of the questions and received high marks. The CID arrested seven successful applicants as well as Divya Hagaragi, a BJP leader from Kalaburagi, for orchestrating the scam. On Friday, the government canceled the exam results, angering candidates.

Rakesh C, an electronics and communication engineer from Ramanagar, who passed the exam, is furious over the cancellation of the result. He was among the protesters on Saturday.

Talk to DH, he criticized the government for having punished the 545 candidates for the misdeeds of only seven. “It is arbitrary and illogical. It means we all cheated on the exam. If so, we should all be arrested and sent to jail. Otherwise just remove the bad apples and name the rest,” Rakesh said.

According to him, the CID interviewed all the selected candidates from April 20 to 29 and has not yet submitted a report. “Cancelling the results before the CID gives the report is to hold us all guilty before the trial,” he added.

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