Porsha claims Dennis isn’t paying child support


After seeing the latest episode of Porsha’s Family Matters, Porsha Williams has slammed her ex Dennis McKinley for not paying child support.

After watching the last episode of Porsha’s family matters, Porsha Williams has slammed her ex Dennis McKinley for not paying child support. Seeing everything Dennis said about Porsha behind her back infuriated the star of the show. The former couple have a lot to do to co-parent their daughter following a recent breakup and Porsha’s quick rebound with new fiancé Simon Guobadia. But their families do not improve the already difficult situation. Dennis is not one to bite his tongue. But neither does Porsha.

The combination of Porsha and Dennis’ strong personalities is a recipe for disaster. It’s clear why they couldn’t do it as a couple. In addition to Dennis cheating, his mother and Porsha don’t get along very well, and Dennis has pre-existing tensions with Porsha’s younger cousin, Storm. All the while, Porsha’s sister Lauren struggles to keep the peace on both sides. The family retreat turned into a series of arguments and physical confrontations. At one point, Porsha and Dennis engaged in a verbal war over dinner over a Versace dress.


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Apparently Dennis does”future charges“which prompted Porsha to take to social media to blast her ex-fiancé.”Now you all know by now that I don’t talk too much about what happens on the show because I’d rather you just enjoy what’s for entertainment.” Porsha wrote in a long caption under videos shot with her daughter while in Mexico. “But because of future low life accusations Dennis made against me on the show. I want to let it be known that yes my daughter is in [Mexico] with me as she is most of the time when I travel as a single mother!“Looks like Dennis might have insinuated in a future episode that Porsha chose to leave their daughter at home while she vacationed in Mexico with her new fiancé. That would be a bold statement considering Porsha has been their daughter’s primary carer since their split last year.

Porsha explained that due to the turmoil of the first night, Porsha decided it was best to keep her young daughter off camera and away from all the drama. “However, we stayed an extra week at [Mexico] and as a family we (my fiancé and I) mingled and enjoyed the rest of our vacation,Porsha noted. The Pursuit of Porsha The author said what a good mother she was and lambasted anyone bold enough to question her parenting skills. “Shame on you and on the one who raised you,Porsha joked in a seemingly sleazy reference to her ex-fiancé and her mother Gina. Porsha and Gina have been anything but friends on the spin-off. It’s pretty obvious that Dennis’ mother isn’t a fan of Porsha but they must face each other for the sake of little PJ.

Porsha had a bit more to say after one of her followers slammed her for pretending to be a “single mother” when she is engaged to a millionaire (Simon) and was previously engaged to another millionaire (Dennis). But Porsha shut down the idea of ​​Dennis being so rich. “I literally have no idea how much he’s pretty sure it’s not millions,Porcha said.What millionaire doesn’t just pay child support and buy fake Rolexes?!” The sleazy hit in return was a direct hit to Dennis’ financial support as a father and his assets. It is clear that the tension on Porsha’s family matters isn’t just for show and is real drama that Porsha and Dennis need to call off ASAP.

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Porsha’s family matters airs Sundays on Bravo at 9 p.m. EST.

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