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PETITION FOR TERMINATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS IN IOWA DISTRICT COURT IN AND FOR CASS COUNTY Case No. JVJV063004 In the matter of COLE SCOTT HASS, a minor child. COME NOW Petitioners, Jeff Brosam and Florisa Florence Judith Brosam, husband and wife, and in support of their petition, declare the following: 1. Florisa Florence Judith Brosam (mother), is the natural mother of the minor child , Cole Scott Hass . 2. Cole Scott Hass (the minor child) is nine (9) years old and was born on September 1, 2012 in Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska. 3. The domicile of the minor child is in Atlantic, IA. 4. The petitioner, Jeff Brosam (stepfather) was married to Florisa Florence Judith Brosam on April 13, 2021 and is the stepfather of the minor child. 5.The minor child, has resided with his mother since his birth. 6. The stepfather and the mother have lived together for about 7 years with the minor child. 7. Cole Scott Hass only knows Jeff Brosam as his father. 8. The putative father, Donald L. Loury, III, who is known to last reside in Lincoln, Nebraska, or York, Nebraska, abandoned the minor child pursuant to Section 600A.8( 3)(b) of the Iowa Code. The putative father had no contact of any kind with the minor child during the minor child’s life, made no effort to provide reasonable support, showed more interest in communicating with the mother only the minor child and maintained no communication with the child, did nothing to establish his paternity during the life of the minor child, never lived in the same household and experienced several periods of incarceration. 9. Jeff Brosam intends to adopt the minor child when the putative father’s parental rights end. 10. The petitioners request that the Court appoint William Early, a lawyer in good standing, to serve as guardian ad litem for the minor child. THEREFORE, the petitioners pray the Court to make an order appointing William Early to act as guardian ad litem for the minor child and also to make an order fixing the present petition for revocation of parental rights for hearing and, at the result of said hearing, to make an Order terminating the parental rights of Donald L. Loury, III, with respect to the minor child, Cole Scott Hass. CAMBRIDGE LAW FIRM, PLC By: Robert J. Engler AT0002259 707 Poplar St., PO Box 496 Atlantic, IA 50022 712-243-1663 PHONE 712-243-3799 FAX [email protected] LAWYER FOR PETITIONERS 1086465 6:27 7 : 4.11 ZNEZ


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