Party list group wants state to recognize church cancellation


By Billy Begas

Two lawmakers from the party list jointly filed a measure seeking civil recognition of the church’s nullification.

The Church Nullity Bill (House Bill 1593), Tingog Representatives Yedda Marie Romualdez and Jude Acidre said, will make nullity accessible and less costly for many Filipinos.

Under the measure, marriages duly and legally solemnized by a priest, imam, rabbi or former president of an established church or religion in the Philippines which is subsequently annulled, dissolved or declared void in a final judgment or a decree in accordance with the canons and precepts of the Church or religious sect, has the same effect as a decree of annulment, dissolution or declaration of nullity issued by a competent court.

The measure was referred to the House Committee on Population and Family Relations.

“If a marriage may be lawfully entered into under the laws of the Church, it follows that under the same laws such a marriage may also be annulled or annulled,” the authors said in the explanatory note to the measure.

Lawmakers also noted the “Mitis Iudex Dominus lesus” issued by Pope Francis aimed at streamlining the process of declaring marriage nullity.

Without prejudice to conditions set by the church or religious sect, House Bill 1593 allows either ex-spouse to remarry after complying with requirements such as registration of annulment in the civil register.

The church also noted Presidential Executive Order 1083, which recognizes divorce under the Code of Muslim Personal Laws of the Philippines, in accordance with Sharia, or Islamic law.

“Under the principle of equality before the law, if a Muslim divorce is recognized, there can be no serious objections to the recognition of the civil effects of a marriage by an established and duly recognized religious denomination. In view of the above, passage of this bill is highly desired,” the authors said.


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