Our ‘marriage was invalid,’ says Nusrat. Nikhil asks for “cancellation”. | Bengali movie news


In June 2019, actress and MP Nusrat Jahan married entrepreneur Nikhil Jain in a wedding that seemed straight out of a fairy tale. Held at a luxury resort in the picturesque Turkish town of Bodrum, the wedding ceremony was intimate, followed by a lavish reception at a star property in Kolkata. But it wasn’t long before rumors hummed with rumors of marital discord between the couple. Now, after nearly two years, the duo are reportedly preparing to call off the marriage which Nusrat said was “invalid” from the start. As news of her alleged pregnancy surfaced, Nusrat released a statement.

Without naming Nikhil, Nusrat alleged in the statement: “Being in foreign land, according to Turkish marriage regulations, the ceremony is invalid. Also, since this was an interfaith marriage, it requires validation under the Special Marriage Law in India, which did not take place. According to the court of law, this is not a marriage, but a relationship or a home relationship. Thus, the question of divorce does not arise ”.

Not only did she invalidate the marriage, but Nusrat also called Nikhil (without naming him) about her alleged involvement in mismanaging her bank accounts and said she had evidence to back up her claims. “Whoever claims to be ‘rich’ and ‘used by me’ has taken money from my account by illegally accessing my bank accounts and through illegitimate means at odd hours of the night, even after separation. I have already discussed this with the relevant banking authority and a complaint to the police should be filed shortly, “she wrote.

Emphasizing his hard work in building his identity, Nusrat wrote: “Being ‘rich’ does not always give a man the right to act as a victim and to belittle the woman alone, in this society. I created my own identity through my hard work; therefore, I would not allow anyone unrelated to me to share the headline or title or followers, based on my identity.

Speaking to CT, Nikhil said he was “not surprised” by Nusrat’s statement. “I filed a civil complaint for the annulment of my marriage with Nusrat Jahan in a municipal court and there I developed the reason for the request for annulment. I did not make a statement at that time. When the rumor of her pregnancy surfaced, I had to make it clear that I was totally unaware of the development of the situation. I’m not upset – I live a perfectly happy life. I don’t want negativity to dominate me. I am a positive person. The case is pending. Although the case is taking longer than usual due to the lockdown, I have full confidence in our justice and hope this will be resolved soon, ”he told us.


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