Nipsey Hussle’s family in guardianship battle involving teenage daughter


Tanisha, Nipsey Hussle and Emani Asghedom

*The late rapper’s young daughter Nipsey Hussle is at the center of a custody war involving family members and the child’s mother.

According to legal documents, obtained by the explosionthe teenager’s mother, Tanisha Foster opposes the guardianship currently in place for a 13-year-old Emani Asghedom. The guardianship consists of Nipsey’s family, including her brother, Sam, according to the report.

Nipsey reportedly had a long-standing relationship with the actress Lawrence London at the time of his death. However, in her filing, Tanisha claims she and the West Coast entertainer have had a “romantic relationship” since the birth of their daughter in 2008.

After Nipsey was murdered by a known gang member in Los Angeles in 2019, Tanisha “allowed a guardianship to set in by giving several members of Nipsey’s family custody of the child,” writes The media.

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“Tanisha’s motivation to do so was in recognition of her own financial limitations; her desire to maintain the standard of living and the family contacts which the minor had enjoyed with the paternal family before her father’s death; and on verbal assurances that each of them would act in the best interest of Emani,” the document states.

SShortly after accepting guardianship, Tanisha claims the family began “to use their financial position and influence to override their priorities by controlling Emani’s and Tanisha’s desires by withholding financial aid and by reducing visits”.

The experience left her on the side of the guardianship deal and Tanish is now asking a “neutral experienced financial planner” to be in charge of Emani’s inheritance from her father. She also claims that Nipsey’s family “frequently showed contempt” for her in favor of Lauren London who is the mother of Nipsey’s young son.

In the filing, Tanisha says, “I continued to be an active part of Emani’s life. She often spends the night with me, I take her to school and I continue to do what a parent would do with their child. I am very unhappy that the guards do not take my calls. They blocked me on their cell phones. I have to go through a third party or Emani to communicate with the tutors.

She continues, “There is no circumstance or event in my life that would disqualify me from returning to my exclusive role as Emani’s parent. There is no longer any need for guardianship. Emani regularly asks me when she and I will be able to live together. She longs to be with me like her mother. I beg the court to terminate the existing guardianship. »

The family had a court date on those matters on March 25.


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