New York City child support attorneys Martin Mohr and Ethan Steward explain the consequences of refusing to pay child support


New York City child support attorneys Martin Mohr and Ethan Steward publish a new article ( partner-refuses-to-pay-for-alimony/) explaining the consequences of refusing to pay alimony in New York. Lawyers mention that when a couple decides to divorce, an order can force a non-custodial parent to pay child support to the custodial parent. Child support is a way to help the custodial parent pay for the child’s needs.

“One of the best ways to resolve child support issues is to file a contempt suit. The court will decide if your ex-spouse is in contempt during the contempt proceedings. first time, the judge can order your ex-spouse to pay the unpaid amount, including a penalty. However, if the court finds that they repeatedly refused to pay, they could end up going to jail.” article of New York Child Support Lawyers said.

The lawyers explain that contempt of court is an offense that can result in the loss of visitation or custody rights in the divorce order. The proceeding may also allow the person to file a variation proceeding that would allow them to make changes to the divorce order.

Attorney Martin Mohr says the individual also has the right to ask the court to withhold the paying parent’s income. The court can ask the other spouse to transfer a certain percentage of their salary to the custodial parent. This way, the custodial parent can be sure to receive child support whenever the other parent receives their paycheck.

Family law lawyer Ethan Steward adds that if the ex-spouse is not employed, the custodial parent can file a writ of execution. The writ of execution will allow the court to seize the ex-spouse’s assets such as bank accounts or stock holdings. Usually, this will be allowed by the court if the other parent owes substantial child support.

In the article, the lawyers add that “all parents are required by law to provide financial assistance to their children. If your ex-spouse fails or refuses to pay child support, you have the right to initiate contempt proceedings, writs of execution and motion proceedings. Hiring a divorce lawyer allows you to determine the best option to handle the situation.

Finally, the lawyer stresses the importance of having a child support lawyer when it comes to issues such as child support. A qualified attorney may be able to help the parents understand their roles and responsibilities in the divorce and help them reach a favorable agreement.

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