New Jersey Conservatorship Attorney Christine Matus Discusses the Meaning of Conservatorship in New Jersey


New Jersey Guardianship Attorney Christine Matus ( publishes a new article that explains what guardianship means in New Jersey. The lawyer mentions that there will come a time for an individual to think about the future of his family. They may be contemplating the time when a loved one will need the help of someone who will take care of them. Guardianship may be able to provide care for this loved one.

According to the New Jersey Guardianship Attorney, “Guardianship is the legal process by which the court appoints a guardian to care for and make decisions for an incapable person. Through guardianship, the guardian has the ability and responsibility to make personal and financial decisions regarding “guardianship” or the person requiring care.”

The lawyer explains that guardianship may be required for an elderly person who has become incapable of making important decisions or a family member with special needs who reaches adulthood. It may also be required for minors who do not benefit from parental protection. A guardian will be one who is responsible for the property, finances and best interests of that person.

Lawyer Christine Matus says any parent or responsible adult in the family may be able to serve as a guardian. However, the state of New Jersey prioritizes the spouse first. An adult child can also be the guardian if the spouse chooses not to act as guardian or is unable to do so.

In the article, the guardianship attorney mentions that there may also be co-guardians with equal decision-making power who must work together for the benefit of the ward. Guardianship is also not permanent and there is an annual review to determine if the individual is in need of continued guardianship. Having a knowledgeable guardianship attorney is very important at times like this.

Additionally, the attorney explains in the article that a guardian is required to watch over a person, both financially and physically, who is unable to make decisions or understand the consequences of their actions. The court will also have to prove that the person is unable to support themselves.

Finally, attorney Christine Matus points out that having a guardianship attorney may be able to help and guide family members through the guardianship process. An experienced attorney may be able to answer the family’s questions and meet their unique needs.

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