Naples Divorce Attorney Russell D. Knight Discusses Possible Florida Annulment


Divorce lawyer Naples Russell D. Knight publishes a new article ( explaining if a cancellation is possible in Florida. The attorney mentions that according to Black’s Law Dictionary, an annulment means an event or judgment that is treated as if it never happened. Marriage annulment will make a marriage disappear as if it never happened in the first place.

“Fraud is one of the few grounds for cancellation. Fraud is making an intentional misrepresentation, knowing that the other party will rely on it, and thereby obtaining the consent of the other party. Basically, lying about something important to get the other person to marry you,” says the Divorce lawyer Naples.

The attorney explains that the real question if an individual is using fraud as grounds for cancellation is “was the thing you were lied to important enough?” However, in Florida, if the marriage has been consummated, fraud cannot be used as a basis to annul the marriage.

Attorney Russell D. Knight adds that another ground for cancellation is duress. Duress occurs when there is some level of pressure strong enough to withdraw a party’s deliberate consent. Coercion must also occur throughout the marriage process.

In the article, lawyer Knight also discusses bigamy. Bigamy is also another ground for marriage annulment. This term simply means that a person is not allowed to remarry if they are still married. In Florida, bigamy is considered a third degree felony.

The divorce lawyer also adds, “What happens if a marriage is annulled? Well, neither spouse is eligible for any kind of spousal benefits. This is particularly important with regard to wills and life insurance policies.It raises the question ‘can an annulment occur after the death of a person?’ No one knows the answer to this particular question because no court has yet addressed it.

Finally, Florida Divorce Lawyer emphasizes the importance of consulting an experienced attorney when dealing with matters such as a divorce or annulment. A qualified attorney may be able to help clients understand their rights and responsibilities during the divorce or separation process.

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