Model Anne V takes ex Adam Cahan to court over child support


Anne V is back in court with her ex, Adam cahan.

the New York Post reports that the 35-year-old model, who took part in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and appeared in Illustrated sports‘s Swimsuit Issue, seeks more child support from the tech manager for their daughter, Alaska, 5.

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In the petition for more child support Adam, Anne claims that since she has not worked regularly during the past year, she is requesting additional support to cover her expenses and Alaska.

“Because of the pandemic, I didn’t earn much last year. While I had a total of 17 paid jobs in 2020, half of them were unpaid. In the past six months, I’ve only had six jobs – I worked a maximum of twice a month, ”the legal documents state.

The claims add that more than $ 26,000 of his income last year came from unemployment.

Now she is claiming $ 8,500 in monthly support for Adam.

Anne owns an expensive apartment in West Village and has a large savings and investment account. However, she only earned $ 77,687 in earnings last year, up from $ 431,000 the year before.

She also says that Adam is able to afford the $ 8,500 because he raised at least $ 25 million during his six years as senior vice president of mobile and emerging products for Yahoo. He is also currently the head of a start-up called Pax Labs, and makes “probably” $ 150,000 to $ 300,000 for his work on two boards.

“I would like to point out to the court that I have made all possible efforts to resolve this matter with [Cahan] amicably, ”added documents. Anne went on to say that she and Adam worked for a year to sort out custody and child support issues, but when it came time to formalize a deal, he didn’t respond.

Adam is currently paying for Alaskamedical insurance, his tuition at a private school in Manhattan, as well as extracurricular activities “as he deems appropriate.”

However, he would pay no basic child support and refuse to pay for child care. Anne also requests sole legal and primary custody of their child, in order to Adam to pay for summer camp, transportation to and from school, future college expenses and $ 50,000 for legal fees.

“I have to work and I can’t do it without the help of a nanny,” she said.

Anne and Adam were engaged in 2016, but ended their relationship in 2018.


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