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Married at First Sight, season 10’s Meka Jones and Michael Watson couple got called off, due to Michael’s claim that the marriage wasn’t real.

Married at first sight Season 11 is in full swing with the new couples officially moving in together, but MAFS Season 10 alumni Meka Jones and Michael Watson have finalized their decision to stop him. This split comes as the couples in Season 11 adjust to their weddings.

Married at first sight season 10 saw four of five couples decide to divorce after MAFS, leaving Austin Hurd and Jessica Studer as the only game the pundits have pulled off. Although the other couples opted for divorce months ago, some of them are still in the process of separating. For Meka and Michael, the process is now complete. Their relationship ended in divorce.

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As shown in the video, the original deal called for a divorce, but Michael changed his mind and chose to attempt an annulment. To get the annulment, they both had to go to a virtual court. Meka represented herself, while Michael had legal representation. He is also expected to be the lawyer for his castmate Brandon, for his separation from Taylor. Michael’s argument was that he had been cold called to be a part of the popular reality TV series and didn’t believe the reality TV marriage was real. Her legal representative also said he believed Meka’s name change indicated that she was hiding something.

In the end, Meka shared that she was happy to either get a divorce or an annulment, as long as she was apart from him. Cancellation is the preferred outcome, but it begs the question: what does this mean for futures separated? Married at first sight couples?

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Married at first sight 11 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on The Lifetime Channel.

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