Meka and Michael of MAFS at DC have granted an annulment, and she is delighted


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Meka Jones and Michael Watson of Married at first sight DC Season 10 Never Married. They have the cancellation to prove it.

Meka took his Instagram page this week to do an IG TV video announcing that after a virtual court date, via Zoom, a judge decided to grant them an annulment instead of a divorce.

“MY MARRIAGE IS CANCELED Finallyyyyyyyy” she wrote in the caption of the video.

Meka was reportedly okay with the divorce, however. She said that after Michael requested one in January, they agreed to complete the paperwork to complete it. However, he changed his mind and wanted to have the wedding annulled, claiming the show defrauded him. She attributes that decision, and we also assume the pandemic, to the delay in getting a court date.

“If he had just kept to his original agreement, we were both going to sign off to divorce and we would be done,” she said.

She was representing herself, but Michael had an attorney. This attorney would also be representing Season 10’s Brandon Reid in his nullification case against Taylor Dunklin, so that’s interesting. The attorney argued that Michael and Meka were paired up for “the drama and the ratings,” and that the producers knew the pair weren’t going to work.

Meka disagreed that she was defrauded by the people behind the show and instead said she made it clear to the judge that the marriage didn’t work out because that Michael was a liar.

“‘The show brought us together because they thought we would be good together because Michael lied about who he is,'” she said.

She told the judge that if he ever watched the show, he would see that Michael turned out to be a “pathological liar”.

“’He lied our whole marriage. He lied about everything,” she said. “So the only person who was defrauded in this situation was me. Because I felt like this man was what he said he was and he’s none of that.

“‘If you pick any episode of the show, any episode, just pick an episode, you’ll find out he’s a liar,” she added. “‘You’ll see it for yourself.'”

Meka further defended the show, claiming that Michael was a convincing enough liar to deceive not only the producers and experts who matched them, but also his family and friends.

She also said that Michael lied to his lawyer, making it seem in his annulment filing that his decision to change his first name was due to something sinister. During the court proceedings, she said Michael’s lawyer had in fact told the judge that they “felt like Ms. Jones had been through something in another state and that’s why her name was legally changed”.

Meka called it nonsense.

“Don’t make such a claim about me, something that’s not true,” she said. “Do not do that.”

“If I had open charges, I wouldn’t be able to legally change my name. So for them to say that when I’ve never been arrested, I’ve never even been handcuffed, for you to insinuate that I was running from something and that’s why I changed my name, like never make an allegation like that about me,” she added. “It’s a serious thing…don’t make such claims when they’re not true.”

Michael also said through his attorney that he was “cold called”, or randomly contacted, to do the show. He would never have looked Married at first sight before, and therefore, he didn’t know what he was getting into. On top of that, he accused the producers of deliberately creating situations where they knew would create an argument and issues between him and Meka.

“He said the producers put together a scene to show that his family member never died. Literally, that didn’t happen! she said.”America I didn’t think your uncle was dead. The producers believed in it. We all believed it. So no, the producers didn’t put that in place.

When the judge finally asked her what she wanted, Meka said, “I’ll take whatever I can get at this point. I just want to end this situation. So if we get an annulment, great, if we have to divorce, I’m okay with that too.

The judge decided to cancel because Michael felt played by the show and she felt played by Michael. However, he disagreed that both sides didn’t know what they were getting into. Instead, he thought they were smart enough to know drama would be involved because it’s a TV show before anything else.

With that finally over, Meka is single and technically never married. She says she is glad everything went well in the end.

“I’m free. I’m done talking about this. This is the last time I talk about this man,” she said. “We’re apart, it’s over. It’s over. I can put it all behind me, pretend it never happened Don’t ask me about my marriage, don’t ask me about a wedding because it never happened I’m single, I’m looking for my husband, and he’s coming soon. That’s it!”


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