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Manhattan child support attorney Ryan Besinque publishes a new article ( explaining what child support means in a divorce in New York. The lawyer mentions that according to New York State law, parents must financially support their children until the age of 21 and until they are legally emancipated.

“New York family courts require both parents to contribute financially to the support and well-being of their children, even when they are no longer married. When a couple decides to separate or divorce, a child support agreement between the two parties defines how each will contribute to the upkeep of their child,” explains the Manhattan attorney.

The lawyer explains that child support is the legal obligation of parents to make payments to each other or from one parent to another custodial parent for the financial support of their child or children. The non-custodial parent usually pays child support to the other parent in most cases. This payment is used for the daily expenses of the child such as child care, health insurance, education and others.

Attorney Ryan Besinque adds that many parents generally misunderstand joint custody. A common misconception is that some parents believe that if custody is shared, both parents won’t have to pay each other child support. However, if custody is shared, the parent with the higher income will have to pay child support to the parent with the lower income.

According to attorney Ryan Besinque, “Couples can reach agreements outside of typical scenarios. It’s important for divorced spouses to understand their legal rights and responsibilities before agreeing to anything. Once child support is children is in place, there can be serious legal and financial consequences if the parent fails to meet their child support responsibilities.

Finally, Attorney Besinque stresses that it is very important to seek the assistance of an experienced child support attorney in matters related to child support. Having a qualified attorney may be able to help when it comes to creating child support agreements and helping them understand their rights and responsibilities.

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