Manhattan annulment attorney Ryan Besinque explains the importance of consummating a marriage


Manhattan Void Lawyer Ryan Besinque ( publishes a new blog post that explains the importance of consummating a marriage. The lawyer mentions that once a couple got married, it is presumed that they would live together and consummate their marriage by engaging in sexual intercourse. However, this is not the case for all marriages.

According to Manhattan Void Lawyer, “A marital partner can only request an annulment based on specific criteria. In the case of the consummation of a marriage, it is only a necessary ground for annulment if one of the parties has a physical incapacity which prevents them from doing so, and it was discovered after the marriage .

The lawyer explains that an annulment occurs when the court determines that the state of a marriage is no longer valid. A marriage can be annulled even if the marriage was originally valid when the couple got married.

Lawyer Ryan Besinque also adds that once a marriage is annulled, then it is considered void. The matrimonial acts can remain but the couple can consider their marriage to be over. An annulment may render the marriage void, but it will not affect the legitimacy of the children or the couple’s parenting responsibilities.

In the article, lawyer Besinque lists five reasons that can lead to the annulment of a marriage in New York. These reasons include one of the partners being too young to be in a marital relationship, one of the marital partners is mentally ill or incapacitated, one of the partners suffers from an incurable mental illness, consent to the marriage has been obtained by force and the absence of physical capacity to reach plenitude.

Additionally, the divorce attorney explains that when there are minor children involved in the annulment, custody and child support are factors that still need to be considered. In this case, the court will still order child custody and child support similar to a divorce.

Finally, the divorce lawyer emphasizes the importance of seeking the help of an experienced lawyer when dealing with issues such as annulment and child support. Having a qualified attorney may be able to help the client understand what their rights are and what steps they need to take next to ensure a successful outcome.

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