MAFS season 10’s Brandon Reid got Taylor Dunklin canceled


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For all 11 seasons Married at first sight was, with its successful couples but also its many failed couples, there has never been a separate duo that could have their marriage annulled – until this year.

Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin’s marriage was a wreck during season 10 in Washington DC Now they’re not only free from each other, but Maryland courts have their marriage called off as if it had never happened. According to Soap Dirt, Reid, who was the one requesting the cancellation, was able to argue that he was the victim of fraud because he signed up to do the show to find true love, but he felt that Dunklin came looking for “notoriety and attention”, and there were rumors that she was not the one he was supposed to be associated with initially.

According to the site, Reid “made history,” with the judge claiming he was the first man since 1922 to appear in county court and be able to have their marriage annulled rather than go through divorce proceedings. In Maryland, the grounds for annulment include, one spouse coerced his partner into marriage, one spouse was the victim of fraud by the other, one spouse is mentally incapable of marrying, one spouse was already married, the couple discovers that they are closely related, and one of the spouses is a minor or was a minor without parental consent to marry.

Looks like he actually got a cancellation before his MAFS co-star Michael Watson. In August, he and Meka Jones were able to have their marriage annulled after claiming he was defrauded by the show, and Jones felt she was defrauded by him.

As for Reid, he claimed Dunklin tried to appear on other reality shows before landing on lifelong success. He also alleged that she had not been loyal to him during their relationship. All of this drama came out long before we saw things falling apart in the couple’s marriage. Reid filed a cancellation request in January, just as Season 10 began airing. Once the season started, it became clear after their honeymoon why things didn’t work out. This was the turning point for the couple, who from that point on have struggled with cameras and production, communication, social media and, at times, mutual respect.

Dunklin did not speak about the cancellation, but she said her time on the show, being married to Reid, was a low point in her life.

“I really appreciate all the positivity, kind words and honest constructive criticism / advice. But honestly being on this show was the worst, most stressful experience I have ever had in my life. barely looked at. So much has happened off camera or the show hasn’t shown up. It’s hard when you have to keep reliving it, “she said in an Instagram post in April.

“I heal from this, improve myself, accept it as a learning experience and come back to the HAPPY and positive carefree person that I was before,” she added.

While Reid only hangs out with Watson, Dunklin hangs out with all the wives in Season 10, claiming bonding with them was the highlight of his time on MAFS. When asked if she missed the shoot in May, she replied, “Not at all. The worst experience of my life … could have been so fun lol but it was a set-up.

And when someone berated her and told her that she didn’t seem invested in her work on her marriage, she called Reid an “abusive fool” and said “this guy needed professional help. “so as not to be able to work there.

While Reid is probably counting his lucky stars somewhere that he was able to walk out of court as someone who has never been married, it looks like Dunklin is also happy to be able to say good riddance to him and their short-lived union. We don’t blame any of them for wanting no connection between them, past or present.


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