Love After Lockup’s Branwin Harbison Accused of Prostitution – Husband Chazz Wants Annulment!


love after confinement star, Branwin Harbisonwas accused of posing as a prostitute, after a YouTuber discovered photos that many believe implicate the reality TV personality.

The recently emerged images were used to promote a woman marketing her services on an escort website.

Branwin Harbison

branwin is currently married to Chaz Harbisonthat she met the love after confinement. branwin spoke openly about her history as an escort before her last stint in prison, on the show.

Media Takeout reports that a YouTube blogger claimed to have contacted Chazz to talk about the photos, which apparently reveal his wife’s risque sales pitch. Chazz reportedly told the blogger that he was currently planning to file a cancellation request. He would have confirmed that he was already aware of the damning photos.

Branwin Harbison

The advertisement is titled – “Beautiful black blonde with big booty for your entertainment!!!”

The description, which was updated within the last month, reads: “Sexxxy and sensual massage and fully naked fun! Treat yourself. I’m available for [sic] I am highly valued and know my worth so please don’t press any menu items NO! H/r 140 or hr 270. I take my pleasure in pleasing you! Available for couples extra naughty fun!! Only two dates available tonight… Call or text [PHONE NUMBER] Let’s get naked so hurry up and call!

Branwin Harbison

The YouTuber, “According to Amber”, alleged that she had proof that branwin posted the outrageous announcement.

amber flat—”I made a reverse call to look up her phone number. It came back to her. I had someone contact her and say, ‘Are you still available for some more fun?’ She replied, ‘Yes, thank you, I am available.’ »

The blogger added that she had someone else call the number and “there you go, branwin answered.

Branwin Harbison

Another YouTuber, “Mary from the Kiki and Kibbitz” claimed she contacted Chazz to acquaint him with his wife’s illicit business venture.

“It sucks, but I’ve known it for a month,” a man who the YouTuber said was Chaz, replied, in a posted text message.

Branwin Harbison

“I just had to keep quiet,” he continued. “I went there last week to give her the divorce papers. I had plenty of time to process it.

“I’ll try to get this one canceled because she lied to me about continuing the escort job,” the man claiming to be by Branwin said the husband.

“She never deserved me,” he added.

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