Loan for Reform


Line of loan for reform of CEF – Caixa Econômica Federal. One of the cheaper alternatives for those who need money for small constructions is Caixa’s retirement loan. No doubt the institution offers much more products that account for the interest rates and fees paid on credit cards or with overdrafts. In this line of credit, the amount can reach up to R $ 20 thousand, varying according to each client.

 Another advantage is that you do not have to prove minimum monthly income. Basically the interested party only needs to prove his / her relationship with the company that works, this will show his conditions with respect to the value of his FGTS. It is possible to finance 100% of the amount requested to start the renovation work on your property.


Letter of Credit 


Letter of Credit 


Caixa’s FGTS Letter of Credit is one of the most sought after in the market, but to hire it, you have to be aware of the requirements. They are: being 18 or older, civil capacity, proving ability to pay the debt, not own another residential property in the same city, have not passed the age of 80 years and six months.

In the case of low-income families, if the income limit is up to R $ 3,275, adding all members, it is possible to request a discount for the loan. It is worth remembering that this credit is valid only for individuals and provides plans for up to 30 years for repayment of payments.

In addition to the loan to reform Caixa, it is possible to invest in expansions, constructions, purchase of land and even implementation of systems that value the environment in the place, with innovative and sustainable proposals. The CEF retirement loan goes beyond what you imagine.

But how does this funding for reform work? The loan is usually deducted directly from the installments of your own Guarantee Fund and not from your current account as is common. With interest rates up to 12% per year, it is worth tackling this operation.

Never forget that the shorter the installment term, the greater the chance of getting lower rates and fees. In addition, if you already have a set aside and available money, take advantage of buying some materials in sight and lowering the total amount of funding.

Another important point when having money on hand is to research, preferably the specialized stores in construction and materials for reforms, after all, prices vary greatly from establishment to establishment.

Trade, take the offers from the other store and try to lower prices and improve your budget spending.

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