Lisa’s ex Marie Presley wants funds from Elvis’ estate for child support


Lisa Marie Presley and her ex-husband, Michael Lockwood, continue to feud over financial matters.

Although Elvis Presley’s daughter and her ex separated more than five years ago and finalized their divorce in May, money continues to be a touchy subject, and Michael is now asking for help with the child support – and he wants the funds to come from his late father. , in a roundabout way.

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In legal documents obtained by The explosion, Michael claims Lisa earns a substantial amount of money from her late father’s estate and says their 11-year-old twins are enjoying a lavish lifestyle while they are with her. He believes that he too should be able to offer children an equally privileged lifestyle when they are with him.

“Presley has significant income for the purposes of calculating child support, due to the ongoing and recurring distributions Presley receives from his trust (s) and significant assets, including his family business,” says there in the folder. “Presley’s father was Elvis Presley, a world-renowned artist and one of the most successful people in show business history. Presley is Elvis’s sole heir and as such is the owner of Graceland and is interested in recordings, songs, rights to Elvis merchandise, and rights to life history. “

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Michael says neither he nor his wife made much money during their marriage, saying almost everything came from the estate.

“In fact, Presley and Lockwood both earned very minimal income throughout their marriage, but as stated in Lockwood’s statement, the parties have been living what can be conservatively considered a very extravagant way of life. “, indicates the court file. “Their monthly expenses averaged at least $ 100,000 per month, and the parties received funds from Presley’s family business (either directly or through payments made on behalf of the parties), and distributions from the Presley trust (s) as well as family gifts, which enabled the extravagant lifestyle of the Parties.

Michael thinks he should get a small percentage of whatever Elvis’ estate earns in a year to help with child support, says The Blast. He also explained how much he thinks he is entitled to: if the estate brings in $ 20 million a year, he wants $ 61,463 a month; if domains are making $ 10 million a year, he wants $ 30,991 a month. It balances out at about 0.003 percent.

A judge has yet to rule on the filing.


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