LA’s Christy wants cancellation after 5 years


Little Women: LA star Christy Gibel is seeking an annulment after five years of marriage to husband Todd after she filed a restraining order against him.

Little Women: LA Star Christy Gibel is asking for an annulment after being married to husband Todd Gibel for five years. Christy recently filed for a restraining order against Todd, with whom she has had a rocky relationship from the start. After four years of airing their marital troubles on the reality show, the two officially call it quits.

In May of this year, the Little Women: LA the star sought court-ordered protection from her husband, accusing him of making a living “a living hell” for her and her 19-year-old daughter, Autumn. She said Todd impersonated her over email and shut her down from her social media accounts. She also suspects he might destroy her mail and accused him of setting the thermostat in their house to “unbearable levels.” In the past, Todd has opened up about his battle with depression and how it affected his marriage. Although he said he was seeking treatment and wanted to change, it seems his relationship will not survive.


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According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Christy has filed for a full annulment of her marriage to Todd. A source told the site that she is filing a lawsuit on the grounds that she and Todd never consummated their marriage and that he allegedly committed financial fraud. Insiders claim that Todd opened credit card accounts and took out loans in Christy’s name without her knowledge. Although the couple have been married for five years, it is legal for Christy to seek an annulment in the state of California if there is evidence of fraudulent behavior.. Little Women: LA viewers have witnessed Todd and Christy’s marriage over the past four years, including their struggle to conceive.

Christy Gibel and Todd Gibel Little Women LA

Todd responded directly to TMZ, telling them that he and Christy have, in fact, consummated the marriage, but that they hadn’t slept together in a while. He also denied allegations that he had committed financial fraud and said everything would be revealed in court, adding that his lawyer had advised him not to talk about the matter until then. As part of the restraining order Christy filed, Todd was ordered out of the home they shared together.

Going forward, Christy’s storylines on the show won’t focus on Todd or babies. According to Christy, they will focus on her, her family and her “Empire.” As for the future, Christy said she is currently working on many exciting projects for fans to watch on new episodes of Little Women: LA when the show returns in July. Fans will soon find out if the cancellation will be for Christy or if the show will reveal too much information that contradicts her claims.

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Source: TMZ

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