Larry Millete and his parents file an objection to the offer of guardianship of the missing mother’s sister


SAN DIEGO — The husband accused of murdering Chula Vista’s mother, Maya Millete, has filed an objection to his sister-in-law assuming guardianship of his three children.

Larry Millete – who remains in custody – and his parents, Benito and Judith Millete, filed the objection on November 8, saying: “May Millete, the children’s mother has not received the petition for appointment of guardianship.

“We believe it is appropriate that May Millete be served by publication or display,” the Millete family members wrote.

A conservatorship hearing is scheduled for Nov. 10 in the San Diego County Superior Court’s Downtown Probate Division.

If the probate judge agrees that a notice to appear should be published in a local newspaper, the hearing will likely continue to allow publication.

A similar publication order was granted in a separate case in family court, where the children’s maternal grandparents were seeking visitation.

The three children – ages 5, 10 and 11 – have been living with their paternal grandparents in Chula Vista since the October 19 arrest of their father, Larry Millete, 40, who is being held without bail pending trial for murder. A preliminary pre-hearing conference is scheduled for December 16.

Maya’s sister, Maricris Drouaillet, filed the petition for guardianship in probate court on November 2, following the father’s arrest.

Drouaillet wants the children to move in with his family — including his own children, ages 16 and 18 — in Moreno Valley, Riverside County.

“The children could share a bedroom while we work on renovating our living room to accommodate the Millete children,” the petition reads. “If permanent guardianship is granted, we intend to move to a larger residence in the same area.”

The filing also says Drouaillet intends to seek therapy for the children and place them on his own health insurance policy if guardianship is granted.

Larry Millete’s objection included a letter of disclosure from a neighbor, Alice Famador, who lives next door to the family.

“All 3 children grew up in this community that they feel loved by neighbors,” Famador wrote in the statement.

“Put them in another home environment with new people, new room but won’t have a solo room like they live now, new community, new school environment, new teachers, new friends. All of this will bring a traumatic experience to the lives of the 3 children,” the neighbor’s statement continued.

“Larry’s parents take [sic] these kids to school, pick them up after school and care for them at home while Larry and Maya are away. They derive love and support from their grandparents and they, the 3 kids don’t want to be separated from their grandparents, Larry’s parents,” Famador wrote.

Millete’s conservatorship objection also asked probate Judge Julia Kelety for judicial review of several statements filed in other cases, including the Larry Millete criminal case and the visitation court case. family.

The November 10 hearing will focus on Drouaillet’s request for temporary guardianship. A hearing for permanent guardianship is scheduled for January 19.

Cameras will not be permitted during Wednesday’s hearing, but the public may attend in person at Department 503 of the Downtown Courthouse.

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