Kim Kardashian’s first husband Damon Thomas owes $1.5 million in child support and has ‘not seen a son in 16 years’


KIM Kardashian’s first husband owes a staggering $1.47 million in child support to the mother of his son, whom he’s only seen once in 16 years, The Sun can reveal.

In an exclusive interview, Sarai Tennille Torres revealed how she started dating Damon Thomas after the Hollywood music producer’s messy 2004 divorce from then-unknown Kim and they had a son together.


Kim and Damon were married for four years before divorcing in 2004
Damon owes Sarai nearly $1.5 million in child support according to court records


Damon owes Sarai nearly $1.5 million in child support according to court records1 credit

Kim was 19 when she married Damon, 29, and claimed on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians that she was on ecstasy when they got married.

They divorced after four years, with Kim accusing Damon of beating her in court documents, which he denies.

Speaking for the first time about her relationship with Damon and their son Dimas, now 16, Sarai said: “I was working as a coordinator for a fashion designer when I met Damon and it was magical when we we started dating.

“I begged him to help me”

“I know now that there were a lot of women in his life, but in Hollywood it’s easy to make fun of people’s eyes. He was very intriguing.

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“He was talented – like the number one R&B producer in the country, maybe the world, and he was very sweet and kind.

“It hadn’t come out yet what Kim was saying. He was never cruel to me.

“But when I begged him to help me after I had the baby, to give me just some money to get me back on my feet, he said he didn’t care.

“He told me if I asked for child support he would never be in the little guy’s life.

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“He held it once”

“He held it once, when he was about two weeks old, and he hasn’t seen it since.”

Sarai, now 43, first fought Damon, 51, in April 2007, accusing in a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court of failing to provide support to Dimas.

She alleged that her music career, which saw her work with stars such as Justin Timberlake and Mariah Carey and on the Oscar-winning film ‘Dreamgirls’, had earned her more than $2.54 million over the previous two years. .

While Kim had worked during her marriage to him as a sales clerk, Damon certainly seemed to be rolling in the cash.

“He had a huge house with a grand piano and a Lamborghini and a Ferrari. He lived extremely glamorously,” Sarai said.

Money problems

According to official Los Angeles County court records reviewed by The Sun, in April 2011, Damon was ordered to pay Sarai $9,525 per month in child support.

“At the very beginning, I got a check twice,” Sarai said.

After that, however, she claims he stopped paying regularly. Current court records, obtained by The Sun, allege he owes her $1,476,916.87.

“It brings tears to my eyes”

“I’m not the only woman who had her child,” Sarai said.

Pointing to Instagram posts where he proudly talks about his 13-year-old son, Damon Jr, she says, “Dimas is his son too. DNA proved it, but it never [publicly] recognized him.

“Dimas is incredibly talented. He plays piano, drums, electric guitar. It brings tears to my eyes.

“I hope and pray that one day Damon will be friends with him. I don’t want to do anything that will push him further away.

“But my son needs things. Like right now we’re renting. I can’t even afford a house.”

money worries

Damon has been plagued with money problems.

In 2008, he settled a lawsuit brought by a car dealership, Elegante Leasing, which alleged he defaulted on bills of nearly $475,000 for a 2002 Ferrari 360 Spyder, a 2005 Bentley GT coupe and a 2005 Lamborghini Murcielago roadster.

Four years later, he filed for bankruptcy with Los Angeles court records showing he owed $3,589,088.81.

He claimed he only had $177,500 in assets – consisting of a 2005 Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster, worth $170,000, and a few “household” items, clothing and jewelry.

He also said he has child support arrears of nearly $29,000.
Records show $2,723 of that amount was owed in 2007 for an unidentified child in San Bernardino County.

New record label

Damon’s troubles continued after his bankruptcy. He racked up tax debts of over $366,000 and in 2013 was evicted from his apartment after allegedly failing to pay $7,500 in rent.

The Sun located Damon in a suburb of Atlanta, where he joined a record label, Thomas Krown.

Damon did not respond to The Sun’s request for comment.

Christine Dachraou, her label’s chief financial officer, has revealed that the label has signed her 17-year-old son.

Asked about Sarai’s claims, she said: ‘I believe there is something going on with that. I don’t know what he thinks about it. He was married [to another woman.] His ex-wife and co-parent Damon Jr. They had an amazing relationship.

Christine added that she could not comment on her finances.

Damon and Kim were married from 2000 until 2004, when the couple decided to go their separate ways, citing “irreconcilable differences”.

In divorce papers obtained in 2011, Kim claims that Damon was often violent during their union.

Damon was ordered to pay Kim a one-time payment of approximately $44,000.

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He has vehemently denied all of her claims – saying Kim made them up to extract “a lot of money” from him.

Christine added, “Damon never said a bitter word about Kim. He’s been in Atlanta for three years.

Music producer Damon hasn't seen his son in 16 years according to his baby mama


Music producer Damon hasn’t seen his son in 16 years according to his baby mamaCredit: Getty
Kim claimed Damon beat her during their marriage but Damon denies it


Kim claimed Damon beat her during their marriage but Damon denies itCredit: Reuters
Sarai says she would like Damon


Sarai says she would like Damon to “become friends” with their son1 credit
Sarai's son, Dimas, is also a musician


Sarai’s son, Dimas, is also a musician1 credit
Court records show Damon owes $1.47 million in child support


Court records show Damon owes $1.47 million in child support1 credit
Damon's 2012 bankruptcy filings show he owes more than $3.5 million


Damon’s 2012 bankruptcy filings show he owes more than $3.5 million1 credit

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