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Any spectator who has watched keeping up with the Kardashians back in Kris Humphries’ day, knew her relationship with Kim Kardashian was doomed from the start. Fans could see the tension between the two of them even before they walked down the aisle, and now the Skims founder has revealed on E! Special reunion mom Kris Jenner pitched the idea that she shoots a “runaway bride” move the day before the wedding.

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We all know how the relationship went downhill after just 72 days of marriage, but Kim has a new perspective on her second marriage and how she would like to personally apologize to him. After breaking up with Humphries, the evangelical Christian asked Kim for an annulment because he didn’t want the marriage “on his record” if he decided to remarry in the future. It was something the reality TV star was unwilling to consider at the time. “If I was mature, I would have wanted the cancellation too,” she told host Andy Cohen.

Kim admitted that she “tried to call him for months” to apologize to the former NBA player, but he did not accept her calls. He was also unwilling to speak to her when they met at the Beverly Hills Hotel while she was pregnant with her son Saint – he gave her the silent treatment. “I saw him and all his friends got up from the table, we had the tables side by side,” she recalls. “All of his friends stood up and said hello to me and he literally looked at me and didn’t even want to talk to me.”

Time has given him new insight into this marriage and the importance of an annulment to the “faith-based” Humphries – this is probably the main reason he refuses to speak to her to this day. With three divorces behind her now – music producer Damon Thomas, Humphries and Kanye West – Kim has learned her lessons publicly and she is ready to admit her mistakes. The only regret she shared with fans on the reunion special? “I wish I had only been married once,” she said.

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