Kel Mitchell’s ex-wife says he’s been avoiding child support for years, despite his success on Nickelodeon


Kel Mitchell entered the lives of many millennials in the early to mid-1990s thanks to Nickelodeon All that and the series Kenan and Kel. Kel’s career took off even further with starring roles in film Good burgerin addition to being featured on popular Nickelodeon TV shows like sam and cat and Liv & Maddie.

Mitchell met his ex-wife Tyisha Hampton in 1996 at a party for actors trying to find their way in Hollywood. The two immediately bonded and started dating soon after.


Mitchell and Hampton married in 1999 and had their son, Lyric Mitchell, the same year, and eventually had their second child, Allure, in 2002. The couple eventually filed for divorce in 2005 and although it is known little about why the divorce happened, fans believe it may have been because Kel cheated on Tyisha.

Tyisha Hampton quietly retreated from the spotlight following the divorce. She starred in a movie in 2008 and we didn’t hear much about her until she started making some interesting accusations about her ex-husband, Kel Mitchell.

Tyisha Hampton Says She Will No Longer Be A Victim

Tyisha Hampton called out Kel on social media where she first alleged that Mitchell was a deadbeat dad, accusing him of owing her money for tax debts and unpaid child support totaling 1.2 million dollars and go up to 10 years without seeing his children.

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Hampton posted to his social media fan base “I will no longer be a victim. I get all my due. If you are a fan of his, let him know #payyourex. You can’t be a man of God and don’t care about your past responsibilities! You can’t go on being a hypocrite!”

Tyisha Hampton further accuses Kel Mitchell of neglecting their two children, Allure and Lyric, and that he has tax debts that led to her being incarcerated.

The actress said she was “giving it all away” and fans should “do [Kel Mitchell] indebted.”

Additional hashtags on her post include things like #deadbeatdad and #deadbeatcelebrity, with the actress pointing out that Mitchell bought an $800,000 house but hasn’t made an effort to pay off the child support debt he owes. .

It should be noted that although Kel Mitchell’s acting career has taken a back seat to other projects he chose to work on, the former actor-turned-pastor still has a decent net worth of around $3 million. of dollars.

Kel Mitchell was also accused of cheating by Tyisha Hampton

Adding further insult to injury, Tyisha Hampton took it a step further by accusing Kel Mitchell of cheating on her, which some fans were already suspicious of due to how quietly the couple divorced.

Although the charge was made against Kel and another woman, but Kel and Nick Cannon, another highly successful and well-known Nickelodeon alumnus with an interesting dating history.

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Hampton took to TikTok to make the explosive accusation, saying she had come home early to find Nick Cannon wearing one of his cheerleader uniforms and performing cheers in an attempt to cheer up. Kel.

Although Mitchell hasn’t responded to those allegations, Nick Cannon took the time to post in the Hamptons’ comments section about the incident, jokingly responding “Yeah!! Probably got the big cob of corn, a bunch of orange soda and some kid-friendly prizes in our ass too!”

Kel Mitchell denies the allegations

Kel Mitchell didn’t remain silent during all the accusations his ex-wife threw at him. The star made it known that he was fed up with Hampton’s public accusations, even indicating that he wanted a judge to intervene.

Mitchell took matters into his own hands with a court filing where he explained that “Tyisha did everything in his power to drag me down his path of destruction” and went on to explain that the divorce was incredibly hard on him.

According to Radar Online, Kel Mitchell has revealed he was forced to file for bankruptcy following the divorce which “forced [him] to start over” and get his life back on track. He continued to say that he took this time to focus on his career and his relationships at the time.

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Mitchell also defends himself as a father, saying he always paid what he was required to pay as child support and then some, going as far as buying them cars when they went to college while covering their tuition fees.

While the children the couple share are now adults, Kel says he has tried to keep them out of the legal process as best he can.

He has also denied allegations that he was absent from the lives of his older children and continues to actively post them and his two little ones from his last marriage on his Instagram page.


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