Katy Perry files for annulment from ex-husband Russell Brand


Apparently, divorcing ex-husband Russell Brand wasn’t quite enough for Katy Perry. The pop star is seeking to clear her wedding registry by seeking an annulment.

The 29-year-old singer married the 39-year-old comedian in a Hindu ceremony in 2010 and separated two years later in 2012. While the two are already legally divorced, an annulment of the marriage would deem it null and void. void. , which means that one day Katy could marry again in a Catholic church.

“Although they have been divorced for years now, Katy wants to wipe the slate clean and has started the process to clear the first marriage from her record,” a source said. msn. “She’s trying to get Russell to agree, but so far he’s not cooperating. They still don’t speak. She goes through her people, but so far she hears nothing back.

It makes sense that Katy – whose parents are both pastors – would want the option of having a traditional Catholic marriage for her upcoming marriage, an option that is not available to her with a divorce on her file.

The source added: “It’s important to her parents that the quick marriage doesn’t count in the church and she doesn’t understand why Russell can’t do this for her parents.”

Since Katy and Russell haven’t been on good terms since their divorce, it’s hard to say if Russell will respond to Katy’s efforts.

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