Judge Orders Britney Griner To Pay Child Support For Ex-Wife’s Children


A Maricopa County court ordered Brittney Griner to pay Glory Johnson more than $ 40,000 a year to cover education costs for the twins she conceived during the WNBA couple’s brief marriage.

Griner ended his brief marriage to fellow professional female basketball player Johnson when she found out his wife was pregnant, which is widely seen as a sign of infidelity in the lesbian community. Griner allegedly believed an ex-boyfriend inseminated Johnson, but her pregnant partner insists a fertility clinic did the deed.

A day after Johnson announced that she expected Griner to ask for the marriage to be annulled.

Despite the paternity issues and the absence of any questions regarding Griner’s lack of paternity, the judge nonetheless ruled that she had to pay. So the 25-year-old Griner, like so many of his NBA peers, is now siphoning off a significant amount of money each month to pay child support.

The couple married a few weeks after an alleged incident of domestic violence. They separated less than a month after the wedding. Griner ultimately pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct charges following the alleged domestic incident, and the two received seven-game WNBA suspensions.

Court documents got by Bossip show Johnson told the judge relatives were taking care of his babies, especially during the NBA season, and that Griner needed to help pay for them. The judge agreed, but ruled that the costs for Griner would decrease as the babies get older and require less care.

Both play at an elite level in the league, with Griner earning three All-Star nominations and Johnson receiving two.

The Arizona court found that the six-foot-eight Griner was making $ 1.2 million a year. Only $ 100,000 came from his salary at Phoenix Mercury. Johnson receives $ 125,000 a year from the Dallas Wings.


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