Jesse Williams gets child support from ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee reduced by more than $30,000


Jesse Williams’ request to cut child support payments for ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee has been honored after a judge cut the ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ star’s payout by more than $30,000 after his exit from the hit ABC show.

According to court documents filed Thursday, April 7 and later obtained by People, Williams will temporarily pay $6,413, a significant drop from the $40,000 he was ordered to pay monthly for his two children, 8-year-old daughter year old Sadie and 6- year old son, Maceo.

“Full-time child care and school-age children away for much of the day, Aryn has apparently spent thousands of dollars on bankrupt or failing businesses while not seeking gainful employment despite having a degree. from the Ivy League, speaking 3 languages ​​and having a wealth of competitive real estate experience,” the actor’s filing reads.

The actor claimed his ex-wife invested the monthly payments in “risky non-revenue-generating experiments like a restaurant, June 2020, wellness and apothecary shops are against the best interests of our children”.

He added: “I’m not trying to shirk my responsibility to provide for our children, but both parents have a duty to provide for the children, and Aryn clearly refused to participate, insisting that that I am entirely responsible for it.” The outlet also claimed that Williams is asking the court to order Drake-Lee to participate in a professional evaluation with the court. However, she refused.

As previously reported, the 40-year-old star told the judge he could no longer afford to pay the once set amount, the one that began in October 2019. TMZ reported that the actor is currently starring in the production of Broadway of ‘Take Me Out,’ which reportedly earns him just $1,668 a week on top of any income from outside projects and appearances he may have. Adjusted payments are scheduled to begin Friday, April 15.

The former couple tied the knot in 2012 after more than five years together. However, in April 2017, Williams filed for divorce after just five years. Their separation was finalized in October 2020. The actor and his ex-wife have joint physical custody of their children.


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