Jesse Williams asks to reduce child support


jesse williams seeks to reduce the amount he is supposed to pay in monthly child support.

The actor shares two children – 8 Sadie and 6 years old Maceo – with his ex-wife Aryn Drake Lee. The former couple officially divorced in October 2020.

According to documents obtained by entertainment tonightthe 41-year-old actor cited his reduced income after quitting Grey’s Anatomy as a reason for changing payment.

“I ask the court to reduce child support to a reasonable amount that I can afford given the significant reduction in my income and the now fluctuating nature of my income,” the filing reads.

“I appeared on the TV show Grey’s Anatomy, which was the main source of income for our family throughout the marriage and for me after the separation. He added: “I’m not sure anymore. Grey’s. My last appearance was in May 2021.”

“The $40,000 per month ($480,000 per year) child support that started October 1, 2019 was based almost entirely on my Grey’s episodic fees which were my main source of income at the time.

williams also argued that the lifestyles of her two children with Drake Lee did not reflect the amount he is currently paying.

“They don’t have expensive hobbies or attend expensive camps,” he said. “They don’t fly private jets when we take vacations (which are already infrequent), and we don’t have vacation homes.”

Ask the court to refuse williams‘ demand, Drake Lee claimed that it was his decision to leave the show and that he chose his own wants over the needs of his children.

Against this, williams said there was talk of canceling Grey’s Anatomy had intensified in recent years and that he felt it was imperative to leave the show to settle down and get another acting job.

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