Jason Alexander’s Forced Cancellation of Britney Spears Had ‘Negative Impact’ on Life, Lawyer Says


In January 2004, Pop Princess Britney Spears married her childhood friend Jason Alexander in a wedding chapel in Las Vegas. However, 55 hours later, their vows were canceled. Initially, it was believed that Spears and Alexander signed the cancellation papers without a fight. But recently, it was reported that the pair were forced to end their nuptials, which Alexander’s lawyer said was “harmful” to Spears’ life.

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Jason Alexander’s lawyer claims Britney Spears’ mother forced them to annul their marriage

In a recent interview with the Daily mailDivorce attorney Mark Goldberg spoke about Spears’ 55-hour marriage to Alexander.

According to Goldberg, the couple tied the knot shortly after Spears took Alexander to Las Vegas to party with her and her friends. At one point in the night, the singer suggested they get married, which Alexander agreed to.

“If I remember correctly, it was Britney’s idea to get married,” Goldberg told the outlet. “[Jason] said they hadn’t been drinking or using drugs – or at least they weren’t drunk.

The lawyer continued, “It was clear they weren’t… they really really loved each other… Jason was confused because he loved Britney and he didn’t want to hurt her.”

The morning after exchanging vows inside a tiny white wedding chapel in Las Vegas, Spears and Alexander called his mother, Lynne Spears, to let her know. Goldberg says that was when “hell broke loose.”

Britney Spears and Lynne Spears
Britney Spears and her mom Lynne Spears | Kevin Mazur Archive / WireImage

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At the beginning of the afternoon, an annulment appeal was drafted. Although Spears and Alexander didn’t want their nuptials canceled, Goldberg says they were forced to sign the papers by Lynne Spears and the “Gimme More” singer’s management team.

“It was the mother who intervened and inserted herself into her daughter’s life,” he said. “She came to Las Vegas, threw Jason out and got him a plane ticket home.”

Mark Goldberg believes this event was one of the earliest examples of Britney Spears being controlled.

Since he loved Spears and wanted to stay in his life, Goldberg says that Alexander accepted requests from Lynne Spears and the management team.

“[Jason] was very scared of her mother and her leadership, ”Goldberg said. “It wasn’t a stranger she had just picked up. They had known each other for years. He thought that if he played the game and did as they asked, she would come back, and he and Britney would be together.

After their cancellation, Alexander contacted Goldberg for legal advice. According to the divorce lawyer, Alexander wanted to be with Spears and hoped they would be together in the future.

” I explained him. I told him we could fight the cancellation, but I think in his heart Jason was thinking and hoping that if he accepted, he and Britney both would get back together, ”Goldberg explained.

Although Alexander was optimistic, Goldberg had reservations as he saw how much control Spears’ family had over his life.

“[Britney] gave in to her mother’s demands. Honestly, I’m sorry for the girl, and I felt sorry for [Jason]”said Goldberg.” But she’s been under the strict hands of her parents her whole life – her mother, then her father who made so much money with her. There is no love, no love. respect there. There is nothing there. “

He continued: “I really believe that this particular event had a negative impact on the life of Britney Spears – the way she was controlled and the toll that took place.”

Jason Alexander says he was tricked into signing the annulment

During a recent appearance on Toxic: the story of Britney Spears podcast, Alexander had a similar feeling to Goldberg’s account of his cancellation and how easily the Spears team took control of the situation.

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Alexander claimed he agreed to sign the annulment of his marriage to Spears under the impression that he and the singer could still date and pursue a future together. However, he soon realized that was wrong.

“They told me that if I signed the contracts – the cancellation – they would let me and Britney continue our relationship, and if we felt the same in six months, they would give us a decent marriage,” he recalls. . “So I had no reason to believe otherwise. I thought it was the truth. They allowed Britney and I to continue to communicate by phone.

But exactly one month after signing the cancellation, Alexander says Spears’ phone was mysteriously disconnected.

“Literally the next day, like, the 30 days were up, I remember trying to call the number I had for Britney and it was like ‘beep, beep, beep’,” he said. he declares. “I’m like ‘Fk, they got me! Holy shit! So that was it.


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