January 6 committee subpoenas Donald Trump


Just in time for the midterm elections, the House Democrats Select Committee investigating the disruptions to the US Capitol on January 6, 2021 issued a subpoena for former President Donald J. Trump.

The partisan committee met again Thursday to explore evidence related to the Capitol rally that turned unruly in an attempt by some to prevent certification of the flawed 2020 election that brought Joe Biden to power.

“Claims that President Trump actually believed the election was stolen are not supported by facts and do not constitute a defense,” said Rep. Liz Cheney, who will not return as a House member. in January due to her constituents in Wyoming turning against her. “There is no defense that Donald Trump was duped or irrational. No president can defy the rule of law and do so in a constitutional republic.

“We need to seek the sworn testimony of the central actor from January 6,” Cheney said, noting that the committee has credible evidence that several individuals engaged in criminal acts that should be referred to law enforcement. .

Rep. for Democratic President Bennie Thompson of Mississippi said, “The need for this committee to hear from Donald Trump goes beyond the facts,” Thompson said. “It’s about accountability to the American people. They have to be held accountable. They have to be held accountable for their actions. What Donald Trump did after the 2020 election is something no president has done. before in our country. In a stunning betrayal of his oath, Donald Trump attempted a plan that led to an attack on a pillar of our democracy.

There have been eight hearings so far, the last in July. Thursday’s hearing will likely be the last before the midterm elections, but it is almost certain to have an effect on the outcome of the election, as the process has so polarized the country.

The committee says it has video footage from a witness inside Trump’s inner circle that shows Trump never intended to concede the election. The committee said Trump was leading the entire plan to disrupt Electoral College certification.

“Trump did nothing to stop the deadly violence for obvious reasons: he thought everything was justified, he instigated it and he supported it,” said Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland. “Despite desperate pleas from Congress, his family and his advisers, Trump sat in the dining room of the White House gleefully watching the carnage unfold on Fox News,” Raskin said.

The committee, using its power to influence the midterm elections, posted Thursday’s full proceedings on Twitter:


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