Husband and wife ask for annulment after both revealing themselves to be gay


Scott Turner-Smith and Jo Turner realized they were both gay shortly after the wedding (Facebook)

A newly married husband and wife filed for annulment shortly after getting married because they realized they were both gay.

Jo Turner, 30, and Scott Turner-Smith, 25, thought they were both straight when they married 13 months ago, but it turns out they weren’t.

The husband and wife have now come out to their families and have signed a nullity petition to make their marriage invalid.

Dentist Jo tweeted: “We had a hoot during the signing of the nullity petition today – ‘consent invalid by mistake – turns out that we are both homosexual’. Enjoy it, judge. The screenplay will be released next year.

Scott, a former Conservative adviser, had come forward on Twitter the day before. He wrote to his followers: “I’ve composed and deleted this tweet thousands of times, but here it is: I’m gay.

“The ones I have told so far have been wonderful, and I am more grateful to them than they think. I feel free to be able to be myself and can’t wait to see what’s next. “

Jo and Scott both stayed on good terms and are reportedly still dating.

Congratulations to the newly canceled couple!


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