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Houston Guardianship Attorney Whitney L. Thompson publishes a new article (https://www.wthompsonlaw.com/guardianship/) explaining types of guardianship in Texas. The lawyer mentions that guardianship is used to give parents of children with special needs the ability to make decisions for their child as the child transitions into adulthood. A parent with a child with special needs should plan for their child’s future after their death.

According to Houston’s guardianship attorney, “Similarly, guardianship is the appropriate vehicle when you’re caring for a parent, grandparent, or aging family member who doesn’t have the ability to make decisions for themselves Their incapacity may be related to their struggle with dementia or a medical condition that rendered them incapacitated As guardian of the person and/or estate, you or your proxy designated person will make decisions about the person or financial affairs of your loved ones.”

The lawyer explains that in Texas, there are four types of guardianship. These are guardianship to the person, guardianship to property, guardianship to the person and property and guardianship of minors. These guardianships may be partial or complete, depending on the case.

Attorney Whitney L. Thompson adds that guardians are responsible for protecting their ward to the extent permitted by law. It is important to keep in mind that guardians have limited powers and responsibilities. Guardians are generally unable to do anything that has not been authorized by the court.

According to attorney Thompson, “The guardian may seek a court order for the extended authority of the guardian to assist the service if the capacity of the service is further reduced. The court appoints the guardian. This means that the guardian must report to the court annually on the health and welfare of the ward, as well as the estate. Any financial transaction or action undertaken for the benefit of the ward must be kept by the guardian. »

Finally, the attorney stresses the importance of having a knowledgeable probate attorney when dealing with matters involving estate planning or Medicaid planning. Having an experienced real estate attorney can help a person understand their rights and prepare for the future of loved ones.

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