Here’s why Gwen Stefani needs an annulment before marrying Blake Shelton


It’s been more than five years since Gwen Stefani ended her relationship with Gavin Rossdale, but she is still not officially released from this marriage – according to the Vatican.

Now she lives a glamorous and romantic life with Blake Shelton, who proposed to her in October. To recap: Divorced? To verify. Committed? To verify. So why does Gwen need a cancellation from her ex?

That’s what fans are asking after reports surfaced about Gwen’s recent cancellation request. According to Vanity Fair, the Vatican has just given an answer to Gwen’s candidacy. Read on to find out what it is.

Gwen is deeply religious

Gwen Stefani is actually very attached to religion (especially Roman Catholicism), so marriage is very important to her. Because cancellations are recognized by the Catholic Church as the official end of a marriage, it was essential for Gwen to take this route after being married to Gavin for 14 years.


If you’ve heard of marriage-obsessed Ross’s annulments on “Friends” (no shame), you might be surprised to learn that they can be granted even if a marriage has been consummated. This is certainly the case for Gwen and Gavin, who had three biological children together but were still eligible for cancellation.

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An annulment will “legitimize” his divorce

In 2015, the incumbent Catholic Pope chose to change the rules for divorced people hoping to remarry. He said they would have to go through a detailed (and sometimes expensive) cancellation request process to “legitimize” their new marriages, but that they could choose to expedite their cancellations by seeking them out through a local parish instead of the Vatican itself. .

Gwen chose to get her annulled from the current Vatican, so that’s probably partly to blame for the fact that she and Blake didn’t get married sooner. This process allegedly involved Gwen submitting a “declaration of nullity” claiming that her marriage to Gavin was “not valid” at the time they took their vows. “Deception” is the most common reason people claim their marriage contracts were invalid, so it’s likely that Gwen and Gavin had to prove that one or both were lying when they swore to remain faithful. , to support each other through thick and thin, etc. Ouch.

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Can Gwen finally remarry?

According to reports from Vanity Fair, People and Us Weekly, Gwen and Gavin’s cancellation was approved by the Vatican yesterday.

“It was a huge relief for Gwen because she wanted to marry her priest and have the marriage recognized by the Catholic Church,” a source told Us Weekly.

Blake will be in his third wedding, so we can only assume that he has racked up a few cancellations himself. Who would have thought that getting married could be so complicated?

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