Here’s Who Inherited Katharine Hepburn’s Money After Her Death


Although many thought Hepburn’s career was over, she had a few tricks up her sleeve (via Live). Biography explains that she has moved away from the big screen and returned to her Broadway roots, where she starred in “The Philadelphia Story.” The show was a hit and she later bought the movie rights to the story. Starring Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart, the MGM film adaptation was released in 1940. According to British, “The Philadelphia Story” was critically acclaimed – Jimmy Stewart snagged the Best Actor Oscar and Donald Ogden Stewart won for screenplay – and it was box office gold, too. Hepburn has once again become a Hollywood darling. Classic Turner Movies (TCM) explains that Hepburn was able to convince MGM to make the film with her and allow her to choose the director of the film as well as her co-stars.

In 1942, Hepburn starred in “Woman of the Year” with Spencer Tracy. Also by Biography, they fell in love and made a total of nine films together. However, they did not marry or go public with their romance. Tracy, a devout Catholic, was married and refused to divorce his wife due to her religious beliefs. Nonetheless, Hepburn remained by her side until Tracy’s death in 1967.

Their latest film together, “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” earned Hepburn his second of what would be his four Oscars (per Britannica). Despite her waning popularity in the late 1940s, she continued to star in critically and commercially successful films, including “The Lion in Winter,” “On Golden Pond,” and more. Her last role was in “Love Affair” in 1994, when Hepburn was 87.


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